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"10w40 at First Avenue"

"10w40 are a flush of excitement and bewilderment. A little guitar, bass, drums, harp, and trombone lubricate the trail for words of wisdom in anthems of drinking, the Old Testament, big-breasted women,, and kerosene. It is reported that as the band prospers, they will invest their money accumulating semi-trucks and Ranger bass boats for their infamous 10w40 fishing team. Their sound is a lure and it is rumored Babe Winkelman is envious of their skills with the rod and reel. Neil (Young) had nothing but good things to say when I explained their position in the corral." - First Avenue IN-HOUSE MAGZ, ..13

"10w40, musically, are the guys with the brass knuckles waiting for you outside the shady dive where you just gambled away your last c-note. They're the street runners with the brims pulled way down low; a rambling, raucous, spitting beast of a band that mixes howling guitars, a rhythm train engineered by the Devil himself, and a powerful, experimental horn section. Covering topics as diverse as Civil War history, space travel, and those inevitable inner journeys we all must make, this unruly gaggle of rock n' roll urchins manage to transverse both time and space, leaving the listener stunned, pie-eyed, and feeling as if they've just slammed full-bore into a veritable brick wall of sound. Think prime-era Beefheart meets an electrified amalgamation of Huddie Ledbetter, early Blood, Sweat & Tears, and The Band, and you're about half-way towards understanding why this group shines so brightly. Highly recommended Twin Cities rock an' roll."

Tom Hallett
Pulse/Deep Grooves PR


Tom Hallett
c/o Sharon Shears
PO Box 15024
Fritz Creek, Alaska
- First Avenue IN-HOUSE MAGZ

"Pickin’ The Scabs And Lettin’ It Flow: 10W40 Gets Lubricious"

by Donny Doane,

“We’re not a roots band anymore,” says 10W40 honcho James “Scab” Edlund. This isn’t the first time he’s made that assertion about one of his outfits, and it probably won’t be the last. Roots are a good beginning, but growth requires branching out, and sometimes, going out on a limb. “Doll House,” the opening cut on their new CD Food, Drink, Speed and Mathematics, does just that. Somewhere in the uppermost branches of the tree, it ranks as the most atypical 10W40 tune yet.

Being equal parts Morphine slide and metal slither, the dark undertow of Zach Zins’ trombone provides a sebaceous slick, while DJ Chris Marose scratches along to Edlund’s false harmonics in a bob and feint that Edlund himself would call a “pugilistic dance.” Add to this resident motorcycle-freak bassist Jim Michels’ ominous rhythmic underpinning, and you have one slippery musical parquet floor where one could easily end up on one’s ass.

10W40 has seen a number of changes over the past several years. At one time they sported a dual guitar attack with ex-member Jeff Johnson. Bassist Michels has been in, out and back again. During Michels’ absence, former Magnolia Tom Lischmann filled in. And although like most bands 10W40 has had their share of drummers come and go, the position has finally been filled with the addition of the more-than-capable Mike Hinton. Perhaps the most innovative move the band has made in their movement away from being “rootsy” is Jersey native, DJ Chris Marose. The current lineup is by far the sharpest. With Edlund the sole six-stringer, the songs find the space they need to break away from the old mold.

Though Edlund insists that the band has departed from trailer park templates, his songs are still rife with white trash scenery, degradation and debauchery. Herein lies some irony: Edlund is a well-educated northern Minnesota boy. But he remains fascinated by the musical traditions of the South, particularly New Orleans jazz and the often oily denizens of that region. On the flip side, his diet of guitar influences spans from metal to the arty-ass stylings of Tom Verlaine, Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew. His voice is what Flim Flam Man bassist Guy calls a “brusque baritone,” which in one moment bears fair resemblance to Tom Waits’ shambling cough, and the next gets pretty damn close to the croon of a one Mr. Mojo Risin’.

With the new release bolstered by the new roster, James has concocted a potent blend of fossil fuel, moonshine and human sebum that’s sure to blow up real good if it gets anywhere near a lit match. If you plan to see these guys live, be sure to wear some flame-retardant clothes, because quite literally, I’ve seen them go up in flames.

10W40 light up the Turf Club in celebration of their new album, Thursday August 29 with T.V.B.C. sharing in the fun. Be advised: Do not miss! 8 p.m. $5 adv./door. 21+ 1601 University Ave, St. Paul. 651-647-0486. - Pulse


2009 NOW!! "Rooster in the Henhouse" 2-CD release; advance copies available now for press -- recorded by Gary Burger of '60s proto-punk legends the Monks and mixed by Bill Racine (Sparklehorse, Mogwai, 'Lips co-engineer, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots)

Streamline Records compilation, Temporary Solutions to Permanent Problems -- (2000)

Nashville New Music Conference compilation, "Dollhouse" -- (2003)

Food, Drink, Speed & Mathematics -- Streamline Records (2003)



“10w40 is a great mash-up of The Stooges and Mr. Bungle!”
-– Mark Robertson, The Legendary Shack Shakers

“These guys love to rock!”
-– Dick Dale, surf guitar legend

“FUCK. YES!! 10w40’s sound is like being force fed crystal meth, tied up and stripped down, and getting fucked in the ass by rock 'n' roll sans lubricant. Ummmm, I think that means I like it.”
-– Gus Lynch, Gus Lynch, "Laugh. Rock. Repeat!" Stand-up Comedian/Producer Extraordinaire

“10w40's 'Rooster in the Henhouse' is full moon ballzee bar room thrash! Makes me want to share a plastic bottle of grocery store gin with a cake faced hooker!"
-– Anonymous 10w40 fan

10w40 credits “old rusted out cars and catfish bait” as primary musical influences. The band has just finished a 21-song, two-album release called Rooster in the Henhouse, recorded by Gary Burger of ‘60s proto-punk legends The Monks. It was mixed by Bill Racine, known for his work with the Flaming Lips, Sparklehorse, and Mogwai. Rooster in the Henhouse is scheduled to hit the street December 19th, 2009. Advance copies are currently available for members of the press. 10w40 is a rambling, raucous, spitting beast of a band that hitches howling guitar to a rhythm train rusted to the tracks of Civil War history and wayward preachers, belching black smoke, crippled truckers, and shotguns. Rye whiskey and sideshow-geek sweethears spill out sideways from the ensuing dirtbag-trailer-boogie mayhem. Think Captain Beefheart meets The Bad Seeds, Pere Ubu and Crazy Horse. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Joe Buck (of Hank III), Jawbone, Captain Beefheart/Jeff Buckley alum Gary Lucas, and Billy Ficca of Television.

Vocals | Guitars | Horses’ Teeth | Mouth Organs | Jim Edlund | During the recent turn of the millennium Jim Edlund did a stint at a maximum-security prison in the midwest. These experiences, along with a childhood spent trapping fishing leeches and minnows for his dad’s bait business—and working the family’s flea market—left an indelible mark; so much so that his narratives spill over with images, characters, and experiences only found in backwoods America.

Currently, Edlund is busy building his own solar recording studio – and stockpiling guns, water, food, and fuel - in the Superior National Forest of NE Minnesota, far off the grid.

Drums | Derek Trost | Trost recently relocated to Minneapolis from Portland where he sessioned with the likes of M. Ward, Tracker, Norfolk and Western, Beltline, Mood Area 52, Transmissionary Six, and members of The Decemberists. Off stage, Trost is an architect who specializes in studio and performance spaces. He also plays accordion and vibraphone.

Bass | Acoustic Double Bass | Jim Michels | Michels has performed with various ensembles in the U.S. and Europe, including the punk rock outfit Shotgun Rationale with former-Replacements lead guitarist Bob Stinson (R.I.P.). In his non-musical life, Michels is a motorsports book editor and motorcycle racer.