Lake Forest, California, USA


10Zero is an independent electro pop rock music group. Its two main
members are Luie Dalmasy Jr., who is the singer and Kamyar Livari, who
is the guitarist and writes the music. Additionally, there are other
touring members, such as a drummer, a keyboard player, backup singers,
and break-dancers that join 10Zero for live performances.

10Zero’s live performances are unique, always energetic, and very
entertaining as the lead singer is also a professional dancer and
always likes to incorporate that into their shows

10Zero just completed their debut album, Love Like Stars, which is now
available on iTunes. They have been performing in Los Angeles, New
York City and Las Vegas. They are not only continuing to look for
local gigs, but are also actively pursuing performances in other
states in order to promote their album locally, nationally, and


Love like Stars LP