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Savannah, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Savannah, GA
Established on Jan, 2018
Duo Electronic Trip-hop




"1 1 0 1 EP Review"

Today we’ll be dissecting the debut EP of 1101 a new project fresh from the minds of Darien Converse and Molly Messinger, the founders of local acoustic group Whiskey and Wine. When the duo isn’t creating innovative electronic music or moonlighting playing acoustic covers for the patrons of local service industry establishments, they also make up half of songwriting powerhouse Perpetual Care, alongside Norton Lucas on guitar and various rotating drummers.
The groups EP opens with the track Are We Alone In the Universe? featuring Stephen Hawking quotes over a bass heavy backing track and flickering synth rhythms the song functions as an intro that pulls you into the deep spacey vibe permeating through the albums short entirety.
The second track Bad Company features a haunting ghostly wavering effect in the background with twinkling phasers overtop as singer Molly Messinger softly calls to the listener luring them into the empty spaces created by the groups use of echo and reverb. Meanwhile beat architect Darien Converse the pacing and flow with some rudimentary old school hip-hop claps and snaps.
Track three titled The River features a catchy bass run bobbing throughout with Messinger’s piano placed delicately over the top and tied together with another classic hip-hop beat, effectively meshing the two together.
Without a doubt the group put quite a bit of time into creating a cohesive sound for this project with songs that tie together the best elements of hip-hop and electronica to create an ethereal the soundscape extremely reminiscent of 90’s trip-hop legends Portishead. With all that being said one things for certain, we here at The Source can’t wait to hear more of these guys tasty tunes. - The Source


Still working on that hot first release.



While in the final stages of finishing our debut EP, we attempted to reflect upon and capture the mood of our music in words...


Witnessing the rise of technology in modern society has had a profound effect on the way we view the world. 1 1 0 1 is a product of the programing we have experienced, the conditioning our minds have gone through and the apathy we feel as we become more connected, yet further separated. Naturally we can process the technological shift in our environment and can hear it's influences on music. 1 1 0 1 is the search to navigate this human experience through sound, bridging the gaps between what was, what is and whats to come. Synthesizers float through the ethereal soundscapes rendering images of ionized subatomic particles twirling through the atmosphere. The vocals soar over hip-hop influenced, driving rhythms. Incorporating a sense of classical composition, minimalism, and a drive to overwhelm speakers with bass frequencies, 1 1 0 1 asks the question:

"Are we alone in the universe?"

-Stephen Hawking

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