11th House

11th House


11th House is an electrifying and psychedelic rockband that pushes the envelope of the rock scene. They're improve tendencies mixed with hard/classic rock influences give 11th House an edge that comfortably energizes the listener's senses.


11th House prides itself on hard hitting melodies and universal and personal lyric ideas. They are influenced by song structures by Beatles, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Police, Primus, Pearl Jam, etc. Their fans leave their show feeling like their "face got rocked off".
One example of the professional attitude towards music would be when we shared the stage with Carbon Leaf and Fighting Gravity in Richmond, VA. We worked well with them when time issues arose because of sound delay. All 3 bands acted like professionals. The show went on as a successful night for all of us.
In short band history ,Hart , former bassist, Beau Bennett, and Robin had become friends in high school in Henrico, Va. They joined up with some other friends to make a band for fun. The lineup was never taken to the next level until Matt at a recording session for one of his classmates, inquired about joining up and playing some of his original music with them. When Hart arrived back from School in Austrailia in the summer of 2002, the band practised hard until a rotating repertoire was accomplished. They gigged steady to build a loyal following to which they still have. In the summer of 2004 a decision was made to relieve Beau Bennett and hire on Andrew Bossola as bass player in early 2005. Since then, Andy has moved the band to take new and improved strides on all sides of the business and music.
11th House members are laid back, good-hearted vegetarians, who are loyal to their fans and take they're music entertainment for them, very seriously.


11th House released a self titled 13 song unmastered demo that they hand out to fans at shows. On their website (www.11thhouse.net), they have songs to download and on their myspace profile, they have 4 more available to download.(www.myspace.com/11thhouse).
11th house is currently working on their official debut release due out in the early fall.

Set List

They normally play 2, 1 1/2 hour sets. Mostly originals, with a couple of obscure, yet familiar covers. such as Beatles' "She's so heavy", Porno for Pyros' "Tahitian moon", Ween's "Johnny on the spot", Pink Floyd's "Fearless" to name a few. They have enough material for a different setlist every show they play.