11th House

11th House


11th House is an independent rock band with explosive improvisational live performances creating a music chemistry hailing such greats as Pink Floyd, Ween, and the Beatles. This unique breed of music showcases the bands talents and brings a memorable performance always different from the last.


11th House originally formed in Richmond, Virginia the summer of 1998, playing under the name Citizen Tekeba. The band consisted of Hart, Robin, Beau Bennett, and a fellow friend Jad Babik on guitar. Over the next year the lineup trimmed down to just Hart, Robin, and Beau, but since everyone was attending different schools in Virginia and North Carolina it only became random jam sessions throughout the year when everyone was in town. A few years later, while Hart was still away at college, Beau and Robin, who moved back to Richmond, met up with Matt and pianist Steve Smith. This musical collaboration gave birth to the name 11th House. Steve decided to depart after a few shows in 2001 which gave way to the return of Hart, following his graduation from college. The new 11th House lineup of Hart, Matt, Robin and Beau played for over 4 years until Beau left the group in September of 2005 to play with the Essentials full time. After auditioning a few bass players, Andy Bossola, was introduced to 11th House. He previously had played with Solid Gold Fishbowl, Loop and HH3. After a few jams they were sold and Andy officially became a member of 11th House forming their final lineup.
11th House and their various side projects have played numerous venues throughout the Central Virginia and North Carolina region including Alley Katz, Emilio’s Tapas Bar, Capitol Ale House, Outback Lodge, Richie’s Pacific Bar & Grill, Cary St. Café, Boulevard Deli, Mio’s at Innsbrook, Chop Stix, Tropical Soul, Wonderland, Canal Club, McCormick’s, Leonardo’s Pizza, Bogart’s, Hyperlink, Poe’s Pub, the Lighthouse (Longwood Univ.), Dave’s Taverna (Harrisonburg), Champs (VA Tech), Godwin High School Auditorium, Library Park (VCU), the Richmond Marathon along with many private parties and a few smaller music festivals. 11th House shared the stage with such acts as Carbon Leaf, Fighting Gravity, Global Funk Council, Crucial Elements, Jahvaquarium, In Session, Mandorico, The McGuffin, Rufus Brown, DJ Williams Projekt, Winthorpe, Akili Manjaro, Machu Pichu, Monticello Road, Southern Funk Orchestra, Man Mountain Jr., The Essentials, Flesh Mountain Boys, Los Gringos, Matone, along with many others.
11th House has released their first official album, “First Light” in the winter of 2008 and is planning a mini tour of the east coast to support it.




11th House EP self-titled - 05-2003
Debut studio album "First Light" 03-2008
Magis Cantus Vol.1--7-31-07 Live @ Capitol Ale House,
Magis Cantus Vol. 2--6-21-07 Live @ Emilios

Set List

Our sets run from 50mins to 2 1/2 hours consisting of mostly original with a few select covers thrown in here are a few examples...........

Nukes of my Pride
If I Were
Top of the World
Funky Feat
Sector Hart
You only Love Me When You're Drunk
Kiss My Ass
Long Road Home
Virgin TV
To Be Famous
Lonesome Rose
Well it's True
It's Not Me
Lost & Not Found
Street Walker
Country Song
Remedy of Melody
Mattress Actress
Thorns II
That Crazy Moon
Hart Enjoys Himself ("HEH")
You Know You Would to
Perpendicular Lines
Top of the World
Gravel Angels
Going Home
Never Ending Game
I'm Dying, Tired, and Poor
Catty Wompas
Parallel Lines
She's a Rasta
Journey Yet to Come
Alternate Reggae Song B
Da Na Da Da
Stones Song