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The best kept secret in music


"10 Questions with"

With a realistic approach to their goals, 11th Voice are taking a sure and steady path to success. Concentrating on widening their live fan base and finishing their CD, 11th Voice are on the right track to reach these goals. Check what else the guys have going for them in this months 10 Questions interview.

1. How long has the band been together and what is your current lineup?

Originally the brain child of Joel and Jamie, formerly of Project 5, 11th Voice was conceived in June of 2003. John, formerly of Rhetrik, came on board after answering an ad in the City Beat (a local Cincinnati entertainment guide) a few months prior to June. Randy, formerly of Scotty Bratcher Band, joined the band in early February 2004.
James Allen - guitar
Joel Butch - vocals
John Snell - bass
Randy Trent - drums

2. How would you described your groups style? What are the bands collective influences?

We would describe our style as "rock-n-roll". Yes, that's vague, but our music can't be lumped into any single category. We consciously set out to create music with our own flavor - sometimes it's aggressive and heavy, sometimes it's melodic and mellow, sometimes it's progressive, but it's never boring. We like to think outside the box and mix things up a bit. With every song we write, we challenge ourselves to create our "new favorite song".

Collective influences include Led Zepplin, Dream Theater, Tool, Disturbed, Pantera, Queensryche and many others. While we all have similar influences, we each have our own individual influences as well. That makes for some interesting and exciting writing sessions.

3. What is the bands songwriting process? Is there a main writer or is it a group efforts? Explain?

Our songs usually start with a single idea, whether it be a guitar riff, a bass line, or a drum beat. We'll take that single idea and jam on it for while and just see where it leads. We find that improvisation based on a single idea leads to other ideas and before long, a song. Typically the lyrics come after the music, but it's not uncommon for lyrics and vocal melody to assist in determining the musical layout. Jamie, more often than not, presents an initial idea in the form of a guitar riff. From there the creative juices flow and we'll either modify the riff or go with it.

Because of the chemistry we've developed, songs usually come together pretty quickly. Usually when undertaking a project, it's a good idea to begin with the end in mind. It's different for us when writing songs. We don't begin with the end in mind. We let the song take us where it wants to go. It's like we're passengers in a 500 horsepower Viper with no brakes and the throttle matted. All we do is steer . . . and enjoy the ride!

4. What are your current goals as a band? (Working on CD, booking tour, etc.)

From the inception of11th Voice, the goal has remained the same - to "make it" as an all original band. Of course, that means different things to different people, but to us, it means that the band would become our job. Obviously we're not there yet as we all still have real jobs and we continue to play covers. While the goal hasn't changed, our plans to get there are modified occasionally. We are currently in the studio working on the debut CD and this CD is our number one priority. We do not have any financial backing other than our own shows, so we decided not to take a break from playing live shows to record - we're doing it all at the same time. We thrive on pressure.

5. What goals have you set for yourself in the past that you have or have not achieved and why?

We'll give you the short answer because to answer this question completely would be nearly impossible. As far as goals we've achieved - well, we're in the process of recording the CD. We have written and continue to write songs we love. We've played a bunch of live shows all over southwestern Ohio and into Indiana and Kentucky. We've got a great website. We've developed a pretty loyal fan base and because of the internet, that fan base extends around the globe.

With regard to goals we have not yet achieved - first and foremost, the CD is not done yet. We're setting our sites on booking some live shows "out of town", meaning we want to get into Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Detroit, Toledo, Lexington, Louisville, Pittsburgh and other regional areas. We would like to gain some financial support by way of sponsorships.

Basically, once the CD is done, the work will really begin. We'll get our merchandise in order and travel more to promote the CD. Right now, our product is our live show. At our shows, we're promoting our product, which is our next show. The problem with that is there is a finite number of shows a band can play in a week or a month. When we can promote the CD with our live shows, we expect the fan base to grow exponentially and demand for our live show will increase accordingly.

6. What Dayton clubs would we be able to see you perform?

Past Dayton area venues we've played at include McGuffy's, The Mug, The Orbit Inn, Club Panama, The Clubhouse, The Nite Owl, W.O. Wrights and Katz Lounge.

7. Do you have many out of town shows? Where?

11th Voice is based in Middletown so we play outside of Dayton often. Clubs we've played outside of Dayton include Never On Sundays in Cincinnati OH, Deuces Wild in Mason OH, The Tropix in Hamilton OH, Peecox in Erlanger KY, The Thirsty Turtle in Aurora IN, Sudsy Malone's in Cincinnati OH, The Blue Note in Cincinnati OH, JD Legends in Franklin OH, Bogarts in Cincinnati OH, Barb's Pub in Middletown OH, CC's Showcase in Middletown OH, The Grand Illusion in Middletown OH, Rushers in Springboro OH, The Madison Theater in Covington KY, and Joey V's in Fairfield OH.

8. Give us some details on one or your most memorable moments as a band? Good or bad.

The day after our former drummer, Mick, left the band, Randy, who had been introduced to Joel and Jamie by a friend, was contacted by Joel via telephone on a Tuesday night. With a show scheduled the following Saturday, Randy agreed to "give it a try". After very limited practice (about 8 hours), 11th Voice, with new drummer Randy, played a one hour opening set for Reeking Havoc at Deuces Wild that Saturday night and the chemistry was immediate. Randy was a perfect fit.

Looking back, that one show was a huge catalyst for us. Not only was it the beginning for Randy, it was a re-birth for the whole band. Almost everything we've done since can be traced back to that show. That was truly a fateful night.

9. What advice would you give someone that is just starting to play the Dayton scene?

Determine what you want to accomplish in your band and make sure all the members are on the same page and make decisions about the band with your goals in mind. Love what you do and have fun doing it. Don't get your ego out of whack, but also don't be anyone's "door mat". Learn how to compromise and don't get bent out of shape about the "small stuff". Learn how to achieve a balance in your life so that your band doesn't consume you and burn you out. Don't look at shows with other bands as a competition. Become friends with members of other bands and go to their shows. Do your best every show and play with emotion. Don't burn bridges. It's important to sincerely care about the people who come see you play - converse with them before and after shows and during set breaks. Promote, promote, promote! Look, we don't have all the answers, but these are a few of the "majors". [ a Mullet is a must :) ]

10. Who are some of your favorite Dayton bands?

In no particular order, some of our favorite Dayton area bands include Alter Ego, Jester, Legacy, Bliss, Mercury at Zero, Ithika and Sizter Machyne. We've played show(s) with these bands and in addition to being great bands, they are all good people. Because of our personal schedules and the band's show schedule, we don't get out as much as we'd like to see bands, but every chance we get, we're out there supporting local music. After all, we're fans too!



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Maze of Chaos (debut CD) - to be released on 12/31/06!


Feeling a bit camera shy


With a wide variety of cover songs, from what is popular on today’s rock radio stations, to the good ole’ rock favorites of the 80's and 90's, 11th Voice has something for everyone. The addition of the “catchy”, driving originals, and the energized live performance gives people a reason to come back time and time again - with friends... and the news is traveling FAST!