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"1-2-1-2 @ the Comet"

1-2-1-2 played one of their first official gigs ever and sounded a little green but also hinted at their potential. Krautrocking with a deft rhythm section and psychedelic shading from their keysman, they had some of the crowd moving despite the earliness of their set.

- The Stranger "Seattles Only Newspaper"

"Tonight in Music"

(Comet) It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the Comet if enough people show up to make for a dirty dance party during 1-2-1-2’s set. The walls might drip with sweat and there may be some clothing removal. As 1-2-1-2’s Stranger Band Page attests, they’re a “hot, sexy, sleazy band that will make you move!!!” Three exclamation points: They’re not fucking around. Recommended listening is the song “The Wiz” (go to www.thestranger.com/bands to hear it). It feels almost like the sadly defunct Black Eyes, if Black Eyes wanted to play horn-heavy dance anthems inspired by LCD Soundsystem. MEGAN SELING - The Stranger

"Up and Coming"

(Comet) ...1-2-1-2 couldn't be more different, though. I mean, I suppose they could. But anyway, they play sorta sleazy synthesizer jams ...they're a band from the future. Tonight's about time travel. 1.21 gigawatts. Warm up the DeLorean. MEGAN SELING - The Stranger "Seattles Only Newspaper"

"Prime Time Nine"

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- The Stranger "Seattles Only Newspaper"

"Fucking in the Streets"

The all-ages Klaxons show (yes, all ages still exists) ended early, around 10:00 p.m., so there was plenty of time to catch local dance punks 1-2-1-2 at the Comet later that night. I'd never been too impressed by their recorded material, but they sounded sick live, mixing gnarly analog synths, steady disco drumming, loosely pulsing bass, and vocals less obtrusive than on their recorded material. Their MySpace demos still don't sound great, but if they can better capture their live show, they'll have something. - The Stranger "Seattles Only Newspaper"

"1-2-1-2 on Line Out"

...1-2-1-2 is all about the sleaze and the sex and making people dance.

The band’s been together for about seven months, playing mostly house parties and lofts, but they’re picking up momentum as we speak. This weekend they’ve got a slot at the Comet opening for Triumph of Lethargy; next week they’re at 1412 Gallery; in May they play Easy Street After Hours.

“They want us to get an EP together to sell in the store, so it’s forcing us to step it up,” Dyer says. “All we have is our demo but nothing packaged professionally. But we’re planning to have the EP by May.”

The few tracks available on 1-2-1-2’s band page pulse with the dance beats Dyer says he loves so much, rippled with electro bass lines and cranked up tight and wiry with a swoosh of psychedelic keyboard flourish. It’s the kind of stuff that just might make you wanna get up, get loose, and feel good about being bad.

...“We’re just sexy anyway.” - The Stranger - Seattle's Only Newspaper


Lakes & Oceans EP
Part 1 [Moonwalker EP]



1-2-1-2 formed as a band in mid 2007 and immediately enjoyed a tremendous response…..so much so that they were quickly highlighted as “One of the nine bands to look out for in the Pacific Northwest” by the widely circulated, popular amongst young readers weekly “The Stranger.”
The bands sound is it's own. Although well suited for energetic parties and psychedelic drugs at a closer look 1-2-1-2 show true thought and emotion put into their music. While completely original, they have been compared to a wide range of other bands, including Grame, Black Eyes, Rare Bird, Syclops, Vanilla Fudge, Celebration, Tom Tom Club, Can, and Goblin.

But 1-2-1-2 have a fresh energy that is all their own.

They’ve consistently received positive reviews playing clubs and based on the strength and popularity of their live shows, the group has decided to take a break and begin focusing on recording.

The band is now announcing the debut of their own label, “Lakes and Oceans Records” and their EP  "Part 1" (released 6/09) the first in a trilogy, with the second anticipated to be released in October 2009. They have recently been seen playing guerrilla street shows in Seattle to large enthusiastic crowds, as well as in clubs and parties throughout the city as they are warming up for their upcoming west coast tour.

Many of the songs on their recent EP have been and are currently being remixed by various Seattle and international DJs as there is much excited interest in this up and coming band.