Guns of Nevada

Guns of Nevada



Guns of Nevada are true believers in PBR: Punk, Blues, Rock. Made up of four veterans of the Seattle music scene, these guys have been soaked in all three styles. Liberally stealing from the likes of the Ramones, AC/DC, and The Man in Black, it’s a sound that really shouldn’t work but somehow does. The rhythm section is made up of D.H. Lynch on howls and drums (ex-Slopshot) and the Reverend Adumb Green on scowls and bass (ex-I Forget, Evil Twin, local radio personality and brother of Jeremiah Green - drummer of Modest Mouse); two punks from way back that seem to read each others minds. On manners and lead guitar is Donnie Guns (ex- Jack the Hot Rod), the quiet one with loud riffs running through his head. On whiskey, vocals and guitar is Earle Thunders (ex-Lucky Still, Stumblebum), the smiling deviant who makes you wonder what’s up his sleeve.

They’re a spaghetti western with beat up Les Pauls and a lot more sweat. The Guns of Nevada are the loudmouths that no one invited but everyone wants to drink with. The song themes range from lamenting the demise of rock n’ roll outlaws to the lonely moments when the bottle isn’t enough to get that one girl off your mind. This is a band that can’t be ignored but sure as hell can be bought. Whiskey anyone?


3 song Demo Engineered by Tom Rickell from The Chicken Shack (

Set List

Miss Me When I'm Gone
Pretty When You Cry
Lonesome Drunken Blues
Border Patrol
Never Far
Let's Not Be Alone
God Damn Women
She Knows
Hwy. 50

Fuck the FCC (Steve Earle)
Jackson (Johnny Cash)