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"The Guns of Nevada rocked - really hard - with enough energy to power all the tanning booths in the Northwest until June" - Hank Waite and the Milkmashers.

"This will be your new favorite band" - The Chicken Shack Recording Studio, Seattle. - Quotes

"Interview w/ Earle on the Rock Zone site"

Interview with Earle on the Rock Zone site...check it! (

This is my exclusive interview w/Lead Singer Earle Thunders from The band Guns Of Nevada who oddly enough are from Seattle, Washington and not Nevada.......Please read this fantastic interview Earle gave and enjoy!

1. Rock Zone: - How long have you been a professional musician?

ET: - Well, me personally, I've been doing this for around 15 years. Everyone in this band has been doing this for awhile now.

2. Rock Zone: - What year was Guns Of Nevada formed?

ET: - We started in the Summer of 2007.

3. Rock Zone: - Can you tell me the story of how the first got together?

ET: - When the last band I was in ended, I put some feelers out to a few people I knew about starting a new project. It wasn't too long after that I was able to get D.H.'s (Drums) phone number and we decided to get together and and see if we couldn't make some noise together. We'd known each other from playing shows together in our respective bands over the years. He called a longtime friend Adumb (Bass) to see if he would be interested, it turned out that he was looking for something new as well. The three of us got together and jammed once, maybe twice and it felt pretty damn good. Out of nowhere, an old friend of mine, Donnie (Guitar) called up and said he was looking to end his longtime band and looking for something new. Once the four of us got together, we felt like we may be on to something. We started throwing song ideas around and we decided that maybe this was a project we could really do something with.

4. Rock Zone: - How did you come to name the band Guns Of Nevada when the band is in fact from Seattle, Washington?

ET: - We get this question more than any other. Adumb and D.H. had either lived or worked in Nevada at various times over the years. Adumb is a major Nevada history buff too. We kicked it around and liked the spaghetti western kind of feel to the name. We also liked the fact that it left a little to the imagination.

5. Rock Zone: - What was the music scene in Seattle like when the band was just starting out?

ET: - Pretty much like it is now. We haven't been together a year yet.

6. Rock Zone: - Who were the bands/musicians who had the greatest influence on you?

ET: - I'll attempt to answer this for the band. Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, AC/DC, Supersuckers, Waylon Jennings, Ramones......I'm probably forgetting some but those are pretty common threads I guess.

7. Rock Zone: - What do you remember most about the band's very first live performance?

ET: - Just the overall excitement about it really. I mean we've all been doing this for awhile in different bands but the first gig for this band felt special. We felt like we were all doing this for the first time again. It was a great night. great crowd reaction, a packed house and we didn't screw up too bad!

8. Rock Zone: - For anybody who has never heard of Guns Of Nevada how would you describe the band's sound?

ET: - That's a good question: I'd say the best way to describe it would be to explain it would be a little southern twang, a little punk rock, and a touch of hard blues.

9. Rock Zone: - What should people expect when they come to a Guns Of Nevada concert?

ET: - A good time and a group of guys obviously having a hell of a lot of fun doing what they're doing.

10. Rock Zone: - What's the craziest thing that has ever happened during one of your shows?

ET: - It would be hard to single out one paticular thing.....There's always something!

11. Rock Zone: - Does the band have a Manager or do you handle your own business?

ET: - We have a Manager, K Morton Management that handles most of the band's business.

12. Rock Zone: - What's the best career advice anyone has ever given you?

ET: - A sound man once told me, on the night of the very first show I ever played, that people come to see a show not hear a show. I've hung on to that piece of advice for years.

13. Rock Zone: - What is the worst career advice anyone has ever given you?

ET: - You should play some more covers.

14. Rock Zone: - Does everyone contribute to the songwriting?

ET: - Yes, in one way or another we all throw in our two cents. That's the only way to do it if you want a cohesive, professional band. It's also the best form of editing: One person may love an idea but the other three may think it sucks. It's four people doing quality control instead of one.

15. Rock Zone: - Has Guns Of Nevada toured outside of the U.S. yet or have any plans to do so in the near future?

ET: - No, haven't gone outside the U.S. yet but who knows knows where this year will take us.

16. Rock Zone: - What has been the reaction to Guns Of Nevada so far?

ET: - I think all of us were really taken aback by how positive the reaction has been to us. We're playing some really good shows with bands we like and getting a very p - Rock Zone


3 song Demo Engineered by Tom Rickell from The Chicken Shack (



Guns of Nevada are true believers in PBR: Punk, Blues, Rock. Made up of four veterans of the Seattle music scene, these guys have been soaked in all three styles. Liberally stealing from the likes of the Ramones, AC/DC, and The Man in Black, it’s a sound that really shouldn’t work but somehow does. The rhythm section is made up of D.H. Lynch on howls and drums (ex-Slopshot) and the Reverend Adumb Green on scowls and bass (ex-I Forget, Evil Twin, local radio personality and brother of Jeremiah Green - drummer of Modest Mouse); two punks from way back that seem to read each others minds. On manners and lead guitar is Donnie Guns (ex- Jack the Hot Rod), the quiet one with loud riffs running through his head. On whiskey, vocals and guitar is Earle Thunders (ex-Lucky Still, Stumblebum), the smiling deviant who makes you wonder what’s up his sleeve.

They’re a spaghetti western with beat up Les Pauls and a lot more sweat. The Guns of Nevada are the loudmouths that no one invited but everyone wants to drink with. The song themes range from lamenting the demise of rock n’ roll outlaws to the lonely moments when the bottle isn’t enough to get that one girl off your mind. This is a band that can’t be ignored but sure as hell can be bought. Whiskey anyone?