San Diego, California, USA
BandHip HopAcoustic

What happens when hip-hop goes acoustic? What happens when someones got something to say with the chords and melodies to back it up? Add a little bit of Rossy and some Chris Young The Rapper and you get the awesome duo known as VIBE.


Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Alex Rossy Rossman and rapper Chris Young, the Tucson, AZ duo known as VIBE is fresh-faced yet has been simultaneously imbued with a defined musicality.

Eschewing the collegiate rap label, VIBE are poised to turn their demographic on their head by infusing rapper Chris Youngs lyricism with multi-instrumentalist Alex Rossy Rossmans ability to craft radio-ready hooks. The pairing of both musicians abilities is the ideal balance of pop sensibility and gritty rap.

VIBE has amassed almost 370,000 Youtube views, with Touch The Stars, bringing in 106,000 hits alone. Their first full-length mixtape, 2011s Hakuna Matata, has seen over 20,000 plays on Soundcloud and re-blogged over 100 times. VIBE isnt stopping, as theyre currently readying the release of their follow-up, aptly titled Golden Hour. Golden Hour brings intricate production and more personal themes into a succinctly mature tome. This anticipated album will mark VIBEs ability to transcend demographics and spread their uplifting, thought-provoking word to everyone.

The numbers alone should pique anyones interest in VIBE, but it truly takes a listen to understand the depth and introspection the band is achieving. VIBE is thinking mans music. Their music is extremely accessible while refusing to be simplified by the theme of modern pop music. Its evident that VIBEs direction is made to make the listener do just that- actually listen. Youngs flow cannot be tuned out, Rossmans crooning cant be written off, and VIBE surely cannot be put down.


Vibe- Hakuna Matata