127 is a mix of Iranian melodies with jazz and with a bit of a alternative punk sound. some call it folk punk and some gypsy punk.


Founded in 2001 by a group of young Tehran artists and art students, 127 has found itself at the center of progressive cultural change in Iran.The band's music melds Iranian melodies and jazz with an alternative sound.The band's lyrics tell of the frustrations and joys of life together with a taste of a social political satire, somehow managing to speak of their cultural time and place, while simultaneous reflecting universal frustrations of isolation, frustration, and hope. The band never got the necessary permissions to release or perform legally in Iran. 127 is a 6 piece band -guitar,piano,trombone,bass and drums. the group has become a lighning-rod for international media attention. Through humerous articles and broadcasts in the western media, the group's website receives thousands of hits a month from a growing international listeners. A short documentary named "127,an Iranian band" (by Reza Haeri) aired by "UK channel 4" , June 2005, gained an intresting respond from British audiences, 127 was also the feature of a Swedish documentary aired in January of 2005. In addition to these television appearances, their music has reached radio around the world, and has been covered by major print media from Germany to the UK and US. The band had been invited to perform at 2005 SXSW festival in Austin..Texas but somehow they had to miss that opportunity! 127 performed couple of gigs in Italy amongst Arezzo Wave Festival on July 15th 2005 at the main stage and gained a notable attention among audiences and press. on october 2005 performing in New York, Washington and Cambridge, 127 was the first Iranian rock band toured in United States. at March 16th 2006 127 performed at 2006 SXSW in Austin TX at the Carribean Lights as a part of All Music is World Music showcase. on March 2008 127 toured The United states for the second time and performed at SXSW and other shows in Texas and California. Although they don't have the permission to release records in their own country,127 has recorded three studio albums.2005 Coming around,2006 The Full time job and their lates album "Khal punk" is released recently and is available for online sell.


system works

Written By: sohrab mohebbi

System works

I got a heart, got a heart that beats

I got a brain, and a piece of meat

I got to dream, but I forgot to sleep

I got to eat, fix broken teeth

I got shoes, I got a walking bleed

I got a bruise, cover up my skin

I got stains on my handkerchief

I got something that I forgot to bring

I got a plant, deprived of leaves

I got an ant, eating up my cheese

Without words, I wanna hear you speak

When on speed, I'm such a talking freak

Got an urge not to satisfy my needs

Got a notice, on my moral bills

Got a cage to free my will

Got a love for everything that spills

I watch the news, I'm a masochist

I got to lose to raise self-esteem

I wanna stand but I got no seat

Scared of blood, I never crossed that street

I got a head, a mix of high ordeals

Lack of bread, I avoid ideals

And I stay till shadows dim

When I'm free there'll be no more sins

I got to change the math, change the math

Long for the apple, long for the bath

I fix the trap, burn the map

How I yearn to find some way out


Written By: sohrab mohebbi

The Gift

I have a right to be caught by the cops
Have a right to be called by the judge
Have a right to be sent to the fronts
And come back in the back of a truck in a box.

Have a right to be spat on the face
Have a right to feel ashamed and disgraced
Have a right to be embarrassed a right to be harassed
A right to be politely dismissed

Have a right to be hate and detested
Have a right to be test and detected
Have a right to be described as a threat to the rights
And be barred and sentenced for life.

I’ve got a right to live
Isn’t that a gift, isn’t that a gift
And on through the days I drift
Isn’t that bliss, isn’t that a bliss

Have a right to be hit by the bats
Hold the rights for my teethe to be smashed
And when I finally go insane and will nothing remain
I gain the rights to go sing in the rain

Have a right to be report and deported
Have a right to follow the orders
Have a right to take the scorn and a right to be torn
Have a right to regret being born

Have a right to be ignored and neglected
Have a right to be segued and be raided
Have a right to be dammed a right to be jammed
Have a right to be sanctioned and banned

And we’re all brothers in times of blitz
We’re all brothers in times like these
But where are my brothers in times of blitz?
Where are my brothers in times like these?

lost brigade

Written By: sohrab mohebbi

Lost Brigade

We are the soldiers of the lost brigade
We’re only here to fade
soldiers of the lost brigade
it’s what the captain said
All of our heroes are dead
Or walking by their graves.
11th hour or the 11th day
Our everyday is the same
No one will call out our name
Soldiers of the lost brigade

So hammer on, we’re doing fine
Hammer on, we get along
We are depressed but its all right
Under suppression we’re having fun
We’re laughing under the gun.

We’ve seen flogs
We’ve been punched
Got humiliation
For lunch
We were born in the city
Lived underground
If we rose our heads
They pushed it down
Live on fish food
And lemonade
The soldiers of the lost brigade

So hammer on, we’re doing fine
Hammer on, we get along
We are depressed but its all right
Under suppression we’re having fun
We’re laughing under the gun.

Don’t care to live
Care less to die
We surely breathe
If it means we’re alive
We trade our silence for grenades
The soldiers of the lost brigade


Khal Punk 2008, self release

Set List

a 45 min set performing 9 songs and no covers.