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LDNL (Lt. Dan's New legs)

Columbus, Ohio, United States | INDIE

Columbus, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Cover Band


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"Stepping it up in Carbondale"

What is most surprising about Lieutenant Dan's New Legs is perhaps the precision of their music. The members of the group do not rely on CDs or sequencers during their live shows. Their sound is so accurate, first-time audience members often tend to walk around the stage in search of a nonexistent track system.

The band will play Friday, August 17 at Pinch Penny Beer Garden. In the event of bad weather the show will move inside the Copper Dragon Brewing Company.

In addition to the musical performance, the band also includes body-grooving routines. Lieutenant Dan's New Legs step it up when performing on stage with their musical beats and dance moves, feeding off the energy of the crowd. "We have a dance routine that kind of makes it a theatrical show as well as a musical show," says bass player and band founder Van Easterday.

Lieutenant Dan's New Legs originated with Easterday and drummer Matt R. four years ago in Columbus, Ohio. They went through several band members until finally connecting with vocalist Hollis J. from Buffalo, New York, who has been with them for three years. The band's chief sound engineer, Aaron A., travels everywhere with them, trying to ensure their sound is perfect. In October 2005, Shareena R. was added to the group. Nate plays keyboards and Owen plays guitar.

Their favorite jam to perform is a medley of old-school hip-hop. The highlights are the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight," Nate Dogg's "Regulators," and Blackstreet's "No Diggity." The band easily cranks out six to eight songs in a row without stopping.

Other covers that Lieutenant Dan's New Legs take on are Tupac Shakur's "California Love," Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man," and Terror Squad's "Lean Back." Other modern influences include Outkast, Black Eyed Peas, and Justin Timberlake. However, early Motown funk and soul is also in their roots.

Lieutenant Dan's New Legs, however, set themselves apart from mere cover bands with their own tunes. They consider their music "sexy pop" since they are moving to the beat, having a good time, and singing playful lyrics.

"We are different because we are trying to take the dark cloud off of the R and B community and promoters of the people in this industry," states Easterday.

Depending on the night and the audience, Lieutenant Dan's New Legs will perform three to six originals, including "Boing," "2 Sexy," and "Video Girl."

"During a show in Buckeye Lake, Ohio, we played the song, 'Video Girl'-- the crowd went nuts," exclaims Easterday. "It was a rewarding feeling to see the crowd go crazy over the song we wrote."

Ideas for songs usually come while traveling on the road. Each band member shares a moment of inspiration from a jingle or hook that got stuck in their head. "The band doesn't write to impress other musicians, but writes about fun stuff so the average person can understand and dance to," explains Easterday.

The group issued their CD, LDNL, at a CD release party August 2 at Park Street Patio in Ohio. The band has primarily focused on promoting their CD in the Midwest-- mainly Columbus-- but their work has traveled as far as Florida. Their goals include reaching fans outside their home base and connecting with other radio stations. Though the majority of their promotions have taken place in Columbus, Easterday says that on August 24 they will perform live on the Cleveland Fox-television affiliate. He is eager to hear what the public has to say about LDNL.

According to Easterday, a rather famous bass player was observing their show. The bassist asked the band, "What do you do that makes your band so happy?" Easterday simply told the man, "There is a formula to it-- we have to find what fits and what works....

"We don't fight," reflects Easterday. "We're like family. We're pretty much modest people."

Lieutenant Dan's New Legs have a special heart for being active in the communities where they tour. They are involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and are in the process of launching a New Legs Foundation that will raise funds for children's hospitals.

For more information, and streaming audio, visit <http://www.myspace.com/ldnl> or <http://www.ldnl.net>.
- Dianne Glen



LDNL is an original musical group, producing a fresh blend of pop, dance and hip-hop that is on high demand with little competition. Every night there is consistent energy brought to the performance with an aesthetic appeal as well as a powerful clean sound. LDNL was created with the intention of covering material not attempted or successfully interpreted by any other live band. It was their aim to tackle heavily produced music and otherwise meant for studio and airplay only. No tracks, CDs, or sequences are used in their live performances. All sounds and elements of the songs performed are created live.

LDNL has performed live on FOX Network, at numerous promotional and interactive shows/tours with Clear Channel affiliated, top 40 radio stations.

They have performed Florida, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, the islands of Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; and many other cities throughout the Midwest. LDNL has shared the stage with national acts such as Naughty by Nature, Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony, Gyfted and The 17th Floor.

LDNL specializes in performing old skool classics to new hits released today by artists such as the Black-Eyed-Peas, Timbaland, Outkast, Justin Timberlake and many others! Their entire playlist can be viewed at www.LDNL.net.

Band Members:

Shareena Rhodes, lead vocal.

James C. Hollis, a.k.a. “Hollis Jae,” lead vocal.

Van Easterday, bass.

Owen Kelley, guitar and vocal.

Nate Shaw, keyboard and vocal.

Matt Reedy, drums, vocal.

Press/Fan clippings:

“Please extend a big thanks to all the members of LDNL for the great job the band did at our holiday party on Saturday. Your b and was a big hit and I was impressed with how many people you were able to get out on the dance floor. I appreciated your being so accommodating and flexible with our preferences, and each member of the band was professional and easy to work with. We really enjoyed having you at our party. We hope to see you again soon. Take care!”

Jeanie M. Fulton
Recruiting Coordinator
Baker& Hostetler LLP

“We reviewed your…materials…and we were all very impressed. We went to the website only to find you’re booked solid until the end of time!”

Bill Puryear
Crescent Moon Talent
Nashville, TN

“Nobody can tough you guys. LDNL gets all the hotties dancing and shakin their stuff like nobody around. I’ve been playin for over 40 years. There isn’t a better band in the area.”


“We really enjoyed them…I didn’t get a chance to thank them after our reception…We haad a great time with them and would certainly recommend them. Thanks for hooking us up!!!”

Elizabeth Curley

“I thought your performance was great! You did a great job connecting with the audience…”

Lisa Reed
Class Acts Entertainment

“I rarely make arrangements to see specific bands…but after hearing you guys play and sing, I’m changing that…thanks for proving that a local band can have talent and vocal strength…keep up the awesome work!”

- Armed Forces Entertainment

"Glasswerk\\UK-Lt Dan's New Legs"

Lt. Dan's New Legs (LDNL) are a US Fugees/Joss Stone/Republic of Loose sextet amalgamation that notably consists of 5 instrument toting vocalists. Yeah you read it right, 5! What do they have to offer, what’s their goal, what makes their sound their own? In a nutshell, they make energetic live music that sounds like it's fresh from the studio and fit for any CD, not only making them competent musicians but a rare act to try to follow. Are their sexily titled songs any good? Let’s see...

Video Girl: A strong pop element (that echoes both 80s track Nu Shoes by Nu Shoes and 2Pac's California Love) as it rides a bass heavy backdrop of beats and street ready bedlam. The boys deliver their laid back, schmoove and perhaps too schmaltzy vocal whilst the ladeeez serve up a sleazy slice of sensuality.

Closa: Wave your hands in the air (yes, like you just don’t care)! A predominant vocal onslaught mesmerizes as the track flies by as you groove along. Sweet!

2 Sexy: JBs in the house?! Doin’ our own dang/ I’ll house you are both summoned as an outrageous guitar slinks along on its merry way beneath the up-tempo beats and house sourced keys. The vocals are sharp and fluent throughout.

Boing: Their capturing the good times and vibes of early 90s hip hop is welcome and long overdue and hearing this I just hope they collaborate with the likes of Doc Brown and maybe even ska outfits like our own superb Sonic Boom Six.

Make Da Bed Go: More Mr. Loverman than Mr. Boombastic, this midnight loving anthem is every bit as unsurprising as it is well executed. Perhaps LDNLs downfall begins to show here, and that’s their lack of diversity. They’re obviously capable musicians who bond a free flow well amongst each other, so come on guys, serve up something fresh with your various elements and stir it up some.

Lap Dance: If Spearmint Rhino are looking for a theme tune, this could be it! This is a crisper, less immersed track that doesn’t delve too deep in the pot of phat frolicking. And its accessibility makes it shine.

It seems truly incredible that this is a live band doing their thing without any studio trickery. I can only imagine that they hit full effect on the live circuit as opposed to the somewhat energy and dynamic restraining boundaries of a mere recording. And for that fact alone I salute them, though their inarguably infectious tunes do help.

For more information you can visit: http://www.ldnl.net/
- Ant Standring

"Poling Music Managment"

That funky, ferocious, head-bobbing musical phenomenon you're hearing in more and more places throughout the Eastern United States (this month spreading the word to the Pacific Rim) has been identlfled! It has a name. Lt. Dan's New Legs. Founding members Van Easterday and Matt Reedy have "loaded" a stage with A+ instrumental and vocal talent sure to move every audience from their seats to their feet. With a compeling young man and Fergle-beautifuJ young woman out front, leading this power parade, you're guaranteed a night as fun as fun gets. Covering Kayne West's "Golddigger". Gwen Stefani's "Holla Back Girl", lots of Outcast, and BIack-Eyed Peas. Along with Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake, Prlnce (5 songs), Marvin Gay, Beck, Snoop, Aretha, and Usher. Lt. Dan delivers a blistering evening of energetic singing and playing you’ll likely never, ever forget!
- Andrew Poling

"Good Vibes on High"

Shareena Rhodes-Vocalist, Lt. Dan's New Legs

Profile: Vocalist, songwriter and poet, Shareena Rhodes grew up in Marengo, Ohio and attended Otterbein College, where she majored in business and economics with a minor in music. The Westerville musician enjoys performing hip-hop and rhythm and blues. As vocalist for Lt. Dan's New Legs, Shareena has performed in a wide variety of locations, including the Nationwide Arena New Year's Party, Octoberfest, Hiney Gate and Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The band has opened for Naughty by Nature, Jordan Knight, Saving Jane and 17th Floor and released its debut album in August.

Question: What was your most memorable gig?

Answer: Singing with Naughty by Nature in Evansville, Indiana. Talk about gettin your mind blown. It was such an honor to perform with a Grammy award-winning act I grew up listening to.

Q:What artisits have inspired you?

A: I am a huge fan of old school hip-hop from artists such as Tribe Called Quest, the Fugees, Common, Rakim, and Curtis Blow to R&B legends Chaka Khan, Jill Scott, and Earth Wind & Fire.

Q: What do you want to be doing in 10 years?

A: I wanna 'be cruisin' anywhere with the top down in an old impala or just some whip that can take a lot of miles. I love spontaneity and life on the road.

Q: What do you do to relax?

A: I love anything to do with football, food and old cars. - Columbus High Street Neighborhoods

"Band Gives Underappreciated Songs 'New Legs'"

Columbus based band-Lt. Dan's New Legs' performs material not successfully interpreted by other cover groups. The band rocks FOX 8 in advance of releasing its first all-original CD. - FOX 8 News

"Take a walk with Lt. Dan's New Legs"

Do you feel like dancin'?
Do you want to be entertained?
Do you love current pop and hip-hop music but still have a soft spot for the classics?

If you answered yes, the Lt. Dan's New Legs (LDNL) is the band you are looking for. This six-piece band features two fresh lead singers who like to dance as much as they like to sing. Backing them up is a full rythm section, every member of which also sings backup vocals. This band prides themselves on strong musicianship and an ability to reproduce today's most current hits without the aid of backing tracks or sequencers.

A diverse mix of R&B, Pop, Dance and Hip-Hop has made this three-year-old band popular for a wide range of functions. From bars to weddings, festivals to corporate parties, LDNL has performed throughout Ohio and are planning to expand their base in the coming year. - Class Acts Entertainment

"Naughty? They're Naughty By Nature"

Treach and Vinnie are on their way to the 'Ville later this month to host an old school hip-hop party at Woody's, and you're invited to check out some "O.P.P.," if you're so inclined. Remember the days when music was a party? When the beats were so infectious you couldn't escape the vibe? All you needed to know was "Hey! Ho!" and whether you were down with other people's "property." Yeach that's what NBN meant. Property. Heh.

Coming along on the NBN caravan is a Columbus, Ohio based band with the most awesome name: Lt. Dan's New Legs. LDNL isn't strictly hip-hop. They toss in some classic R&B and hot Dance stuff in a show that matches high energy without the safety net of sequences, tracks or CDs in the show-everything they play on stage is live.

When's this epic show happening? March 23, starting at 10:30 p.m. Check out the Main Street Exit club in person and online at myspace.com/woodysevansville for all the rest of the details. - News 4 U


LIVE Input List:
2 lead vocals with our own wireless microphone’s
1 dI box for bass
2 DI Boxes for Keyboard
1 DI box for electric Roland drum system
1 instrument mic with stand for guitar amp
1 kick
1 snare
3 toms
1 High Hat
2-3 over head for cymbals
1 mic. With stand for drum vocals
1 mic. With stand for bass vocals.

Total = 18

LDNL 3-song single
LDNL 6-song EP
LDNL has interviewed live and has airplay on ArtistFirst radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, Clear Channel Network, and various college radio stations in Carbondale, IL, Evansville, IN and Columbus, OH. LDNL has been seen on Fox 8 Live morning show three years in a row.In addition, LDNL is in heavy rotation within the U.S. Armed Forces Airwaves in Tokyo and Okinawa, Japan.



LDNL was created with the intention of covering material not attempted or successfully interpreted by any other live band. It was their aim to tackle heavily produced music that was meant for studio and airplay only. LDNL update their set-lists weekly with the hottest songs from the radio and top 40 charts. All aspects of their performance is created live.
LDNL has traveled/toured/performed with numerous national acts including: Ludacris, Run DMC, Bow Wow, Good Charlotte, Mat Kearney, Plain White T’s, Naughty by Nature and Bizzy Bone/Bone Thugs N’ Harmony to name a few.
LDNL has performed for stars such as Tony Romo, Jim Furyk, Jessica & Ashley Simpson to name a few.
LDNL has appeared multiple times on Fox Network Television performing live and reaching millions viewers each time.
LDNL has performed numerous shows live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
LDNL has appeared on, or performed with many live radio stations across the world such as, Artist First Radio, Clear Channel networks, Sirius Satellite Radio, and the U.S. Armed Forces Airwaves.
LDNL has performed for the U.S. troops across the world for the AFE/USO tours.
LDNL possesses a live show that has gained worldwide recognition. They play many of the crowd's favorite cover songs from old school classics to new school rhymes

"College Dates Performed Events"
LDNL is no stranger to the college showcase scene. They have played for students at the Ohio State University, Ohio University, Shawnee State University, Akron University, the University of Toledo School of Law, University of Evansville Indiana and Southern Illinois University. Lt. Dan’s New Legs currently has many college cities on their upcoming schedule and they are also affiliated with Capital University and Otterbein College.