12 Around 1

12 Around 1



12 Around 1 is the future of rock and roll. Drawing from influences such as Frank Zappa, the Who, Jaco Pastorios, Phish, Bruce Hornsby, King Crimson, Derek and the Dominos and countless others. Combining strong emotional Ballads and face melting Rock and Roll with lingering vocal harmonies 12 Around 1 also delves into thick textural improvisation and deep funk pockets you can really sink your groove teeth into. From the Heart of the Humboldt Nation, 12 Around 1, is quickly becoming the signature sound of the Redwoods. Having officially formed in the early spring of 2008 the band sounds like they have been playing for years and continues to tighten and forge their evolving sound with each passing day.

Set List

A typical set includes between 60 and 90 minutes of mostly original material with a cover or two sprinkled in for fun,ie: Peaceful Village, Big Shirl, 3 ways to Sunday, Sun is Sick, Got to Get Better in a Little While (Eric Clapton), When it Takes the Young, Red Door Mat, O-Face, Cosmic Debris (Frank Zappa), Ship Wreck Jungle Encore; Inspiratipon With most shows being 2 set performances including one 45-60 minutes along with a 60-90 headline set.