12 Dirty Bullets

12 Dirty Bullets


12 Dirty Bullets are the epitome of what Indie-rock is supposed to be - high energy on stage, great musicians with powerful lyrics and one of the best bands to come out of the UK in years. These lads bring it on in both their recordings and their live performances, with fans wanting more.


12 Dirty Bullets are a young, 4 piece band from West London who are currently taking the UK, Europe and also the USA by storm. They have picked up an award on the way and just completed their much awaited Motown In Your Town tour, which brought them to the O2 Academy Liverpool, for the first time ever.

Both punchy and poetic, this Indie-rock band out of London, England lays down three-guitar harmony similar to one of their first influencers, the Beatles. Their catchy tracks and warming vocals are instantly likeable and their polished sound has put them streets ahead of many similarly influenced bands.

They are a musically tight group, consisting of accomplished musicians who are more than capable of garnering further positive attention, the 12 Dirty Bullets are led by band founder Jamie Jamieson on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards; Michael Smith on lead guitar and vocals, Josh Jamieson on bass guitar and vocals and Joe Cotterill on drums.

With their critically acclaimed debut album under their belt (Downsides to Making a Living), a series of high profile shows and an evident ability to write powerful songs, these London lads are making a name for themselves on both sides of the Atlantic.

They're "tighter than tight", and as good as their recorded songs are, seeing them blast out their music live on stage will make you a fan.

From the get go, 12 Dirty Bullets commands the stage. With guitar riffs and drum beats booming across the room, they immediately have the crowd enthralled and bouncing along with them. With songs like, "Fat Man" a catchy rock number with witty lyrics and "Champagne and Cocaine" a very early Arctic Monkeys influenced track and a highly energetic performance throughout, especially from the drummer, Joe Cotterill, they are getting a huge fan base and winning respect throughout the music industry.

They are completing their second album to be released this fall.

And as so many ask, where does the band's name come from? Jamie and Michael will talk about how much their lyrics have real-world messages and it starts with the band's name, 12 Dirty Bullets . . . makes you think.

12 Dirty Bullets is making a statement with both their music and their powerful lyrics, catching fire in 2012.


Album 1: Downsides To Making A Living

Song 1: Downsides To Making A Living
Song 2: Dark Tales of A Policeman
Song 3: Fatman
Song 4: Fire
Song 5: Black Roses & Violence
Song 6: Good Time Girls
Song 7: Rock 'n Roll Pretty Boys
Song 8: Sweet Suzie
Song 9: Champagne & Cocaine
Song 10: Keep Chancing
Song 11: Away With The Stars

Album 2: Riddles

Song 1: Dreamers
Song 2: Slow Down
Song 3: She Could Love Your Forever
Song 4: Run Run
Song 5: Find Myself Another Lady
Song 6: Emily
Song 7: Riddles
Song 8: Don't Call Me Again
Song 9: Deep In Me
Song 10: Motown
Song 11: Wander My Way Home
Song 12: Bought You A Thought