12 Gauge Hoedown

12 Gauge Hoedown

 Versailles, Kentucky, USA

Pure southern metal with fist pumping beats and relentless tempos.


12 Gauge Hoedown is a southern metal band from Versailles Kentucky, who have been like most bands, and struggled to find their own way. Formerly know as "Maofukaz", and growing up with one another throughout most of the band's ajoined career, the have been together for seven plus years. The band is able to enlist a diverse compilation of musical adoration and influences, everything from punk, classic rock, bluegrass, funk, reggae and every style of metal imaginable. As a whole, musical originality and the passion to stamp their own mark on metal's bloody slab has kept them striving to meet their goals head on. Incidently they also enjoy mixing their home state's sounds, blasting metal riffs, collaboration of funky grooves and hammer beats, and throwning down on stage, they inspired a sound they have dubbed "kentucky crunch". 12 Gauge Hoedown is exactly what it says it is....One hell of a great time!!!


First LP is almost complete

Most downloaded songs include

End of Innocence and Bleed for Me

Set List

over 18 headbanging originals