A .12 Gauge Tragedy

A .12 Gauge Tragedy


Grinding guitar, breakneck drum beats and vocals that would make Satan himself cringe. We are here to bring the Beef.


Forming in Niagara Falls, NY in 05/06, and going through a few line-up changes, this, is A .12 Gauge Tragedy.

Our influences range from Suffocation, Pig Destroyer, Whilechaplel and The Black Dahlia Murder to name a small few.

We are what you would call a "Deathcore/Grindcore" band. We like blastbeats and breakdowns because they are fun. If people don't like us, who cares, were here to have fun and bring the beef.


2007 demo: Bob Barker is a Robot, Buried Alive, Haunted, Lacerations.
2008 EP: Intro, Cuntastrophe, Boomstick, It's Not Rape if She's Dead, The Witness, Nothing in the Dark.

Set List

A 30min beatdown of whatever songs of ours we want to play.