12 Hour Shift

12 Hour Shift


12 Hour Shift makes soulful American music. We keep our music rooted in the traditions of the blues, folk and soul but fuse that with hip-hop, funk, rock and reggae.


12 Hour Shift is composed of hard laborers, students, intellectuals, drunks, lovers, poets, drug addicts, revolutionaries and sell-outs.
As song-writers Shayna Lewis and Chris Sheard bring their unique backgrounds and experiences as children of activists, progressive thinkers, and hard-working folks to their music. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY not far from one another, blues and soul music played in their ears and hearts as did hip-hop and reggae.
Scott Shaeffer came to New York to realize his musical dreams as so many before. Since graduating from The New School he has been a magnetic presence in the NY music scene. With his thoughtful and probing approach to music, and his surgical approach to song-writing he is the foundation of the 12 Hour Shift sound.
Formed years ago the journey through music has been a slow ascent but one filled with passion for life and music and budding with greatness. Night in, night out, venue after venue 12 Hour Shift plays to the hearts and souls of all in attendence.
Where the journey will end no one knows. BUt until it does 12 Hour Shift will play honest, thoughtful, soulful music for all who will listen.


-independently produced LP-"12 Hour Shift"
-single-"When I See You"
-featured on Radioactive Lunch at Vassar Collge

Set List

1.Poor Man
2.Full Moon
3.Shit Jobs
4.Una Mas Cervesa
5.For The Money
6.Politics And Love
7.Take You Home
8.When I See You
10.When I See You
total time: roughy 45 minutes

*We play the occasional cover but have a deep reservoir of original music hence reserve covers for long, all night sessions.