12oz. Empty

12oz. Empty


We are 12oz. Empty. Our music has the unique quality to be accessible to many different groups and musical interests. Our unique blend of metal, rock, and solid melodies make us stand alone from any other band in the area. we have a pure love and dedication to our craft and will not let you down


12oz Empty is an old band in new places. Formed in 2001, members Adam Weppler(Bass), Adam Hascall(vocals), Ben Johnson(Drums), and Chase Nevins(Guitar) started making music together with one thing in mind: to have fun. It was only after a year long break following high school graduation that all four members realized just how important the business of music was to them. In the short year that has passed since the re-formation of 12oz empty, all four musicians have grown leaps and bounds both musically and mentally together. Their songs have deepened in more ways then one and their fan base is steadily growing with each passing show.

Being friends before band mates has formed a unique chemistry between all members both on stage and off and it is apparent that these four boys from rural Iowa have something special here. Energetic and motivated, 12oz empty has big plans for the future. Currently in the writing/recording state, they can’t help but look forward to the coming months. The band entered the studio in January to work on the first half of their new album, titled "Cause and Effect" and plans to polish off 12 songs total to create what they believe will be their best production yet. 12oz Empty sets itself apart with unique songs and style and high energy live shows; a combination that is sure to entice people who are searching for the return of honest, hard hitting Rock. So check these guys out and always be on the look out for new songs, videos, merchandise, and more.


12oz. Empty-2003-12 tracks
"The Rebirth"-5 tracks-May 2007
120z. Empty "Cause and Effect"-12 tracks- June 2008

Set List

1-Can I Say
2-Stone Savior
3-Angel of God
4-the Beggars Farewell
5-Forgotten Memories
7-So Small
8-Cause and Effect