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The best kept secret in music


"204 for 204"

Winnipeg, traditionally known as 204 (the area code) is seeing the dawn of a new era in local hip hop. 204, the first commercial EP release by 12seven is a mainstream party album which adds spice to the otherwise underground city. Ranging from songs about the city itself, girls and "haters" the group definetly adds a Puff Daddy feel to the scene.

*** out of ***** - Wutz Up Magazine

"Peg City Holla 2003"

<as part of a column on the festival><br><br>...and then there was the group 12seven which had a rough start on stage due to the fact that all the acts before them were not exactly there to make people dance.<br><br>But after some refreshing comedy and two "party anthems" (as they call them) the group had people on the dancefloor.  This performance proved that 12seven is the group to watch in 2004. - The Winnipeg Sun

"Stealing the Show"

<as part of a huge article on the group><br><br>Overall we're looking at the future of urban music in Canada.  Focused, their debut LP is fueled by songs ranging in topics of clubbing, death, drugs, violence, women and even the end of the recording for the project.  It is hard to believe that the giants they call 3D and Hafrican are from Canada. - Winnipeg Free Press' THE TAB

"Review by Producer"

Taras has produced remixes for such artists as Craig David and Michelle Branch and has appeared on many compilations. Here's his review of 12seven.

12seven...Lets just say that my once white Ukrainian skin's expressing a hell of a lot more pigmentation now! These guys are full of energy, full of ideas, and most importantly, they're like a ticking talent time bomb; you know it's gonna go off, and when it does, watch out! In the studio they're all about the music, always full of new ideas, constantly searching for that fresh innovative sound. There have been times where Hafrican would tell me about a particular direction he has in mind for a track, and I'd just raise my eyebrow at him. But he'd say "trust me, it will work." And it usually did! Other times the roles would be reversed, and Tyler's annoyed "you and your samples!" would change to a loud "damn that's tough!"

Coming from different musical backgrounds has helped a lot in putting these beats together, I think, since each of us brought to the table ideas that were quite different from what the other was used to. Not to say that the road was always paved! There were instances where we would literally go through three to four different versions of a beat before finally nailing it. But in the end, I think, it all worked out quite well! But we'll leave that up to the fans to decide!
- NA

"Review of 12seven"

After hearing 12seven's music, Chuck D had this to say about the duo...

"These guys combine lyrical consciousness and party appeal...and that is the future of hip hop." - Chuck D of Public Enemy


- THE TRUTH CD/DVD Sept 20, 2005.
- FOCUSED released July 13, 2004.
- The Lyrical EP released in 2001.
- The 204 EP released in 2000.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Since this hip hop and R&B duo emerged as part of the newly developed Urbnrg Records on April 14th, 2004 their game has been elevated to a whole new level. On the heels of their second music video "When We Leave" the powerful duo is releasing “The Truth” which is their second CD/DVD. The album highlights the new identity of the group as they emerge once again from the lab with another 14-tracks.

Starting in 1999, the duo came together with two other members to form Lyrically Smooth. 3D and Hafrican stayed strong as the most dedicated emcees in the group and formed 12seven [their combined height] after the other members dropped out. They later hooked up with Urbnrg Records label President and Producer Jamie "JamCo" Hall who at the time was a manager for Clear Cut Entertainment. JamCo left Clear Cut, as did 12seven and he started Urbnrg, backed by Canadian icon label Sunshine Records. They went into Platinum|Gold Studios after releasing two double singles and mix tapes. Out of the session came "Focused"; a lyrically heavy, beat matrix album with seventeen cuts.

The group then toured Canada going from Vancouver to Toronto with DJ Hectic and returned to Winnipeg to work on “The Truth”. After three tours they are set to hit the road again, performing primarily in the US and Eastern Canada. Before Christmas they will perform in front of 25 000 in Orlando, FL. Danny Schur of Chantal Kreviazuk and McMaster & James fame worked on the harmony tracks with 3D and Taras who has remixed artists such as Britney Spears and Michelle Branch have both lent their unique talents to the final composition along with RMX Studios' Shawn Leon, Sone1 and Crossanova.

3D has often been compared to Usher and Eminem while Hafrican is often compared to members of Mobb Deep and Jay-Z. However, the comparisons do not fully encompass these talented artists. “They pre-produce, they come into the studio bang out a track, get on stage and have fun with the crowd, get down in the crowd and chat it up on top of promoting their stuff. There’s very little nagging,” says JamCo.

“We’re here to do this just like Bill Gates is there to make computer history, just like Will Smith is there to make summer blockbusters. This is what we do and we put our all into it,” says Hafrican.

They’ve pretty much done everything there is to do in Winnipeg. All major media has covered them, 3D sang the winning song at Mayor Sam Katz’ victory party [alongside Fenom], they’ve rocked any and all venues, sold to the streets, sold in the stores and rocked crowds of 1 to 10 000. It is now time to take it on the road permanently. Their first tour saw some success as they did dates over a month and continue to do one-off shows. The new album better reflects their personalities which is evident on the road. “The beats are souped up, the rhymes are crisp and it’s as loud as you want it to be,” says 3D.

The duo has opened for Snow, Bless, Kyprios, Sweatshop Union, Ricky J and Choclair and with the future comes more of the same. Majors and agencies are taking notice and in the New Year you’ll see a lot 12seven. Their two music videos “When We Leave” and “The Introduction” still enjoy airplay while Standard Radio stations have added their new single “Clap” to rotation.


Jamie “JamCo” Hall
Urbnrg Records
275 Selkirk Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
R2W 2L5
Phone: 204.586.8057
Fax: 204.582.8397
Email: jamco@urbnrg.com
Company E: info@urbnrg.com
Website: urbnrg.com