12 Stone Toddler

12 Stone Toddler


The sound is delicously strange and familiar - expect stomping sleazy grrove, catchy vocal harmonies and memorable hooks, epic crooning ballads underpinned by glitzy fairground themes - a queazy ride full of ecstacy and danger.


12 Stone Toddler were created by the combines genius of singer and bass player Chris Otero and fellow songwriter/keyboard player Ben Jones; bolstered by the guitar and drums of the ludicrously talented new members Randall Breneman and Pat Garvey. The Toddler represents the dark child in us all, gleefully smashing through all musical barriers. Showbiz razzamatazz, high octance cartoonery and acid drenched rock. Think Zappa meets Waites meets Morricone



Written By: Chris Otero/Ben Jones

Some people say
Were not getting older
Were just getting better

The wine will age much better than the face
The candles on the cake seem to spoil the taste
The smile is thin, the skin is thick
the hands are like a pair of bricks

The wrinkled eyes and the worry lines
the out of date and out of style
and now the out of time
The aches and pains
All the mistakes and all the who`s to blame

Some people say
Were not getting older
Were just getting better

The tired legs and the out of breath
The final trip to bed
To drink the final dregs
Shaky and old
The Varicose
The hand on the remote control


Written By: Chris Otero/Ben Jones

Tomorrows suddenly today
Next week turns into yesterday
One year is just a breath away
The golden years get here quickly
The older i get the more difficult
The longer it takes to get things to work
The smarter i get the more stupider
The further i get less i want to go

When i was young the afternoon would never end
Break up from school, the month of June seemed much longer back then

I`m turning into my Daddy
He turned into my Grandaddy
Then someone will turn into me
Is there an end to this story?


12 Stone Toddler EP (Come Back, Dirty Little Doggy, Angry Teddy Bear, Living A Lie) CDAMAZ5
The Rabbit c/w The Carrot Dangles CDAMAZ8
Does It Scare You (debut album) AMAZCD12 July 2nd 2007
Candles on the Cake (single CDAMAZ18) October 22nd 2007

Set List

Come Back
Candles on the Cake
Daddy was a Bad Mother
The Rabbit
Precious Carg
Fingers In The Till
Living A Lie
10,000 Miles Away
Ballad of Al Coholic

No covers.