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12 Stone Toddler

Hove, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Hove, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Candles On The Cake - Pete Cashmore"

Having bagged themselves what may prove to be the last great name for a band, 12 Stone Toddler can get on with their one-band assault on that most neglected of genres, that of lounge metal. Simultaneously magnificently louche and uncomplicatedly ROCK, Candles On The Cake takes a wry song about our culture's obsession with age or the lack thereof, and makes it sound so sleazy that it would be right at home underpinning the latest carnal exertions of Jenna Jameson. She's a porn star, as if you didn't know, and 12 Stone Toddler may end up dating her if they continue on their fine trajectory. - The Guardian Guide

"Under Review - Jeff Hemmings"

12 Stone Toddler, Komedia 13 October

This Brighton band has been wreaking havoc everywhere they go, thanks to a knockout combination of dark lyrics, a macabre sense of humour, brilliant musicianship and a tight, dynamic sound. They always floor me and tonight was no exception.
Tonight's gig was their first for a while, featured a new guitarist and saw the official release of the debut EP, The 12 Stone Toddler EP, out on Amazon Records.
Led by the dynamic duo of Chris Otero on bass and vocals, and Ben Jones - an underworld version of Elton John - on keyboards and vocals, the Toddler sped through their varied and original repertoire of eerie fairground grooves, bastardised crooners' rock, Zappa-esque acid-fried rock, and finished off with a new number, the rock'n'roll jive inspired 'The Rabbit'. High on paranoia, they come across like a mix of a Gothic rock version of Cypress Hill, a rocking Tom Waits and a more accessible and funky, if equally deranged, Frank Zappa. Quite brilliant. The Toddler came, they saw and they conquered. - Latest 7

"Halloween Party @ The Yard 3 Nov 2007"

In an industrial estate in West London, cleverly disguised as a Halloween grotto, jack o' lanterns guide the way to this peculiar venue. Revelers in Halloween attire wander about the place, confronted with models of hanged men, whilst drinking their hot toddies and pumpkin soup. These aesthetics seem fitting for 12 Stone Toddler to play in; thier sound echoes the mood of the venue.

As they commence their blend of deep guitars and strong vocals take over. Lead vocalist Chris Otero's soulful, strong and somewhat haunting voice captivated the crowd as they manically danced around the place.

Ben Jones, on keyboards, provides the band with the best sound addition to any band, the electric organ. An electric organ gives a band an edge and a distinguished sound. Each song they played was of different musical genre and they didn't stick to one style, they tried them all. At times they sounded ska, then rock/pop, to lounge, then definitely a vibe of playful fairground tunes. It is hard to keep up with their ever changing styles. However, this is not a negative but rather to their credit. They are stylistically versatile and they made sure that their audience was kept entertained throughout their whole performance.

Otero's addictive bass lines pull the band together which in turn makes their sound what it is. With great lyrics and intriguing ska/fairground/lounge influences, this band is sure to succeed. - Cat McGovern

"Get Ready To Rock"

The band's name says it all really, big, seemingly out of control, certainly unpredictable and careering all over the place, but very loveable, and in truth, probably very disciplined as music like this doesn't just happen automatically.

Highly original, musically outrageous, stylistically uncompromising, very spontaneous, Brighton's 12 Stone Toddler are a synthesis of all that's good about comtemporary adventurous rock music. 12 Stone Toddler make you dance and laugh and generally feel like the coolest cat on the strip. If Robert Johnson sold his soul at the crossroads to play guitar the way he did, then these pranksters have surely juggled skulls in dingy Brighton basement voodoo rituals to write songs this damn catchy.

With a golden-voiced singer who can swing from gravely spook-shows to exhilaratingly colourful circus rallies and a magic musical box filled with kick ass guitars, action packed big band brass, listening to the gigantic 12 Stone Toddler WILL make you cooler. - Get Ready To Rock


12 Stone Toddler EP
Released October 24 2005
CD Only
Tracks: Come Back, Angry Teddy Bear & Living A Lie

The Rabbit c/w The Carrot Dangles
September 17th 2006
CD Single, Maxi CD & 7" Picture Disk

April 10th 2007
Single CD & Maxi CD

Debut album - Does It Scare You?
July 2 2007
CD & digitally available on itunes etc

Candles on the Cake
October 15 2007
CD only, video available directed by Diamond Dogs

Come Back
March 10 2008
Digital release only, video available directed by Diamond Dogs

Under The Weather
to be released November 3 2008

New album - Scheming
to be released February 2009

To view videos The Rabbit and Candles on a Cake go to www.youtube.com/12stonetoddler





12 Stone Toddler rock. But remember when rock was anti-fashion, didn’t stay in neat little categories, represented deviation from the norm?
Remember when rock plundered other genres and threw the bits into a hot cauldron?
Remember when rock meant bands with nothing in common other than a liking for loud guitars, stomping beats, electric hooks?
12 Stone Toddler bring this ethic back into the modern world. A marriage of opposites, combining heady eclecticism with a love of the three minute wonder. All shiny and new, yet visited at night by the ghosts of 20th century music. Swaggering with the chutzpah of a naked child threatening to wedge a fork into the electrical socket, each twist and swivel brings a new reason to love this band.

The enfant terrible of songwriters Chris Otero (vocals/bass) and Ben Jones (keyboards), infused with the potent musicianship of Pat Garvey (drums) and Randall Breneman (guitar), this is full blooded rock and roll, that recognises no boundaries.

With their boisterous debut album “Does It Scare You” already out on the streets and playing with the older kids, and having raised an army of followers and fanatics in their hometown of Brighton; 12 Stone Toddler spent the summer of 2008 unleashing their fierce live show out onto the UK festival scene:- straight after completing their second album, due for release in February 2009 on Amazon Records.

Having played live radio sessions with Mark Lamarr and Tom Robinson, received numerous plays on Radio 2 and Radio 6, sold out gigs at Brighton’s Komedia and Concorde 2 and London’s ICA, pulled big and loving crowds who jumped, gyrated and sang along at Glastonbury, Larmer Tree and Beautiful Days festivals; and with stunning videos shown internationally on MTV, here is a band accustomed to the big stage and ready to take on the world.

“Under the Weather” is the first single from “Scheming”, the new 12 stone Toddler album. Imagine the Beach Boys’ harmony meets electro-punk meets psychedelic soul meets one heavy three note riff. Lyrically reminiscent of Voodoo Chile or I Can See for Miles and Miles it’s a song about a man at one with the elements. A delirious anthem, punctuated by thunder and lit up by lightning flashes.

It’s a distillation of what Toddler is all about, made into a pop soundbite like Superman squeezed a perfect diamond from a coal.

Make it your mantra.