I personally am a songwriter/guitar specialist working with others producing and introducing my songwriting in the Country/Country Rock and Celtic fields. Currently I'm working on both of which 1 Celtic song has parts both written & performed by Jenny Bice on fiddle and Rory Sharpe on the Bodhran.


Initiating my studies at the age of 8, My father wanted to see me excel in the Counrty genre so by 12 under study of Ab Hine (Academy of the Arts), I acheived my first stage by 12 years old thereafter studying under John Gould at Bill Lewis Music for 3 years. I was trained in Flamenco and John's specialty, Gordon Lightfoot style of playing. I broke for 1 year and met Rod Bandura now of Wiley Band and have learned just as much from him as well especially about the feeling and the textures of guitar playing techniques. Using this and influences by non other than Steve Howe, Leo Kottke,Gordon Lightfoot, Joe Walsh and Roy Clark, I have fallen comfortably in to the Country and Root Celtic/Folk Genres. Jenny Bice has been a GODSENT to me for writing and performing fiddle parts for my work and I would put her up against anybody in Canada and should probably come out on top. I know music and she is a Platinum Performer without a doubt. Rory Sharpe is the most attentive of the celtic drummers I've seen and working with him is a delight knowing that HE WILL do it right. Playing Celtic sessions are absolutely the best to hone your senses for improvisation and the ability to play a song like you've known it all along. I appear to be the first to write Celtic Music for the 12 string guitar hence my nickname, 12STRING. It's a fascinating "I didn't know you could do that" type of music and, with the other Celtic Instruments has a spine tingling and mesmerizing quality. Every one seems to just shiver ans go OOooo! I like that! And that's what songwriting is all about...not the musician...It's about stimulating all the senses of the listener in a quasi-subliminal way.


Everything is being produced as we sit with the fisrt song done (Gallhager's Clan to go to Ireland to entertain the some 250 Gallagher families for what could be the largest family gathering in the Guiness Book.

Set List

Live performances and recital will come later as the first step must be accurtley complete...Producing the Demo CD which is in process now.