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12th & Vine


12th & Vine features an original blues and rock sound with captivating lyrics and harmonies. The sound is inspired by artists such as Ray Charles, SRV, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin and Alicia Keys. CD sales have been encouraging reaching now more than 1,000 CDs sold independently.


An idea by drummer Drew Fletcher inspired the starting of a blues band in Pullman. After talking with his friend who played the guitar, Greg Floyd, the two decided to pursue the idea of forming a blues band. Soon Greg invited bassist Eric Gobel to join the just beginning band. The three worked well together and began producing melodies and lyrics that would later become crowd favorites. Realizing their need for a vocalist, the band began their search for the perfect blues vocals to accompany their soul moving sound. It wasn’t long before female vocalist Faaizah Fard was added to the band. Greg and Faaizah had met through a group on campus and it was immediately obvious that her soulful and passionate performance contributed the necessary fuel to the success of the group. The group was suddenly finding its’ necessary elements, all adding to the production of a rock and blues sound that was evolving to become very unique.

Suggested by a friend, the name 12th & Vine was decided on as the perfect name for their band. The name came from a street crossing in Kansas City where blues is the preferred genre of music. It wasn’t long before the band began to find it’s niche at Washington State University and in the winter of 2003, the band 12th & Vine found its’ way into the music scene at WSU. By early 2004, 12th & Vine was already meeting with success as they were declared the winners of the “Battle of the Bands” competition on campus. Also early in 2004, the band met Aaron Myers, a pianist, and asked if he would like to add to their sound during recording. Realizing the need for Aaron’s sound, the band began inviting him to sit in during live shows. Eventually, due to a mutual respect and admiration between Aaron and the band, the members of 12th & Vine extended an invitation to Aaron, asking him to join the band. Now comprised of a lead guitar, a bass, drums, lead vocals and the piano, 12th & Vine had finally come together to create a complete and original sound that sets them apart as the new genre of rock and blues.

The band has continued to find success with their sound and have played various shows from bars and pubs to campus events to opening for big name bands. Places that 12th & Vine have been openly received include: in Pullman, WA : Opening for MXPX, Vendetta Red and Cyprus Hill at Beasley Coliseum, Rico’s Pub, Pullman Grill and Bar, Flix, Fat Ass Burrito, Milfstock and WSU events; in Spokane, WA: Brick Wall Comedy Club and Blue Spark; in Moscow, ID: John’s Alley and CJ’s; in Seattle, WA: Highway 99 Blues Club, J&M Café and Jazzbones.
At the rate of their success, 12th & Vine is one band that will be in the music scene for years to come, continually drawing in large audiences and captivating them with the new sounds of rock and blues


none to date

Set List

ORIGINALS: About the Blues, Ordinary, Edge, 73, Wait, Work, Bitter, Anythang, Not Resisting, Shocked Me, Tonight, Bitter, and Her
COVERS: Voodoo Chil', Burn, Rollin' on the River, and anything else inspired by blues and rock

Sets are usually 45 min and there are usually two per performance.