Twelfth Planet

Twelfth Planet


Unique Beyong Compare- Electric, Mellow, Charging Rhythmic.. Worth the Musical Journey.. A-602 or Blank, listen to "Whole", "Blue", Burning Man".-or For The Better..Ready for something New and Refreshing ? Twelfth Planet is the Answer Unique...Diverse


Influences are as Diverse and eclectic as our sound.
Influences include Stewart Copeland, The Misfits,Bootsey,Edwin McCain,Madonna,Heather Lutrell,Arrested Developement, Jill Scott...and of course Life itself ...



Written By: Aradia & Wirth twelfth planet

Blue is the Color of my Mind
Blue is the color that you find
Washing over me
Awaiting the Sunrise
Hope to Open up my eyes
And see a better day
Oh Ive been waiting for so long


"First Orbit" Album 25th Dec 2003
Airplay on 2 Radio Stations

Set List

45-90 minutes per set..based on Request and contract compliance requirements that we are asked to meet.
For the Better,A-602, Blue, Whole,Jubilation, Burning Man, Trinity, Blank, Dazed and Confused