Dopamind Soundsystem

Dopamind Soundsystem

 Odessa, Florida, USA
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The mind you try to own it, even though you can't control it, you never can hold it, unless you live for the moment!


TOKMUSIC.ORG is a new brand of mixed media, but the founding members have been making music together since 1993. In the mid 90’s known as the Latin Players, the group signed a deal w/ Next Plateau Records (Sony Red). In 2005, the Trees of Knowledge made an incredible impact by helping the Immokalee farm workers coalition at USF protest the “Taco Bell Truth Tour” against low-paying wages. In 2008, the TOKMUSIC organization sponsored the RFC (Real Fighting Championships) with sounds at local MMA events. And in 2010, we joined the HTACF and helped the “washing our waves” campaign for an international coastal cleanup. Today, we still promote the power of “rap-activism” in our communities & are now joining forces w/ the Occupy Movement.


Beat it

Written By: Omar "OD" Davila

(2nd) verse
Yes it be the “ooh”, I beat it up for sure, I’ll be there in a minute, bitch you can betcha asshole, we be all blessed bro, baptized by the pussyhole, shoot.. if I got 99 problems, I bet a bitch would be all of those, can I don’t have hoes, more like disciples, and w/o me bro their better off w/ their eyes closed, cause I recycle, I only freak whats free, cause I don’t fight for women, I let women fight for me, uuh – uuh, I’ll be there in a minute, yeah it be the 0 & I was born to get wicked, I does it like a fat boy, I Brrr-ump, bump, stick it, I don’t only eat it baby I beatbox in it! aww


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