12v Negative Earth

12v Negative Earth


12v Negative Earth is a band that has successfully fused the aggression and energy of "hardcore" with two and three part harmonies giving them a great melodic advantage over there counterparts.


Jason Carroll - Vocals
Cody McCall - Guitar/Vocals
Eli McFadden - Guitar
Chris Sprinkle - Bass/Vocals
Bart Sallee - Drums

Shatter the walls of chaos and harmony that surround 12v Negative Earth's fourth independent release in eight years and you will find Heroes Defeated, an audible perspective of one's struggle for recognition and survival. Be forewarned, your sweat will run red and your tears will seep cold as you fight in every direction for release; but, don't give up my friend. Keep reminding yourself to breathe and realize that it's all encompassed in the span of just six songs. It will be over soon. Or will it…?

With 12v Negative Earth's lifeline expanding eight years and counting, it is no wonder why an as of yet unsigned metal/hardcore act out of Nashville, TN can fit in with the big boys like none other. Since 1996 the years of blood, sweat, and endurance have polished this rock into a diamond. With the formation now consisting of Jason Carroll (vocals), Cody McCall (guitar/backing vocals), Eli McFadden (guitar), Chris Sprinkle (bass), and Bart Sallee (drums), this band of five Geminis is creating some of the most intense and emotional music of it's time and having an overwhelming effect on the country it crosses.

From New York City to Phoenix, Arizona, 12v has spent the majority of its time in a van conquering city after city in the wake of three independent CD releases and one online only release entitled Remind Me to Breathe (2003). 12v Negative Earth's first independent release, Where Did All The Sunshine Go? (1999), laid the groundwork for the band on a national scale and established the initial group of fans outside the Nashville area through $7500+ in CD sales throughout the country. The second release entered the world in February of 2000's aptly named Babysteps (2000). Recorded and produced by Fred Coury (Cinderella), Babysteps was instantly heralded by ThePRP.com as a CD of "vast spanning song structures with shades of a bluesy metal sautéed in an aggro sauce and seasoned with strikingly melodic vocals", receiving 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. The Babysteps CD release show alone sold over $2000 in CD sales and 12v totaled $10,000+ in sales overall by the time the disc sold out at the end of 2000.

With two independent releases under their belt, 12v decided to hit the road for a while. With extensive touring and a "no surrender" attitude, 12v managed to gain a following which lead to headlining shows in both St. Louis with Story Of The Year and New Orleans with Drowning Pool. On a national scale, 12v Negative Earth was gaining major ground and it showed. Opening slots began rolling in alongside Hatebreed, Earth Crisis, The Misfits, and Cold, to name but a few. City by city 12v was dominating and the buzz was growing. People wanted more.

In the summer of 2002 more was given. 12v entered the studio a third time to record an EP entitled Remind Me To Breathe (2003) with producer Voytek Kochanek (Ozzy, Steve Vai) at the helm. As a recording meant to reward the fans and their rabid thirst for new 12v negative Earth music, the release was made available exclusively for download at their website www.12vne.com. This much said, it did what it was meant to do in increasing website traffic and increasing an ever growing fanbase. After more opening slots for the likes of Blindside, Nothingface, Burnt By The Sun, and Pissing Razors, 12v decided to enter the studio once again in order to, this time, please their own thirst for a new CD of which to tour in support.

Turn your clocks now to November 2, 2004 to the release of 12v Negative Earth's fourth independent release entitled Heroes Defeated (2004). Mixed by Dave Barrick (Nashville Pussy, Chum), Heroes Defeated is a symbol of 12v's dedication both to their fans as well as themselves and truly represents all that 12v Negative Earth has encompassed over the last 8 years. "We dedicate ourselves to the music. We build our lives around the music and the music around our lives. This is why we breathe."

Now to the road which lies ahead. With the release of Heroes Defeated, a recent full promotional deal with Jagermeister, the support from both Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, and building their fanbase through constant grassroots touring, the groundwork for 12v Negative Earth has truly been laid and the future of 12v is looking brighter than ever.

Cue the lights as the crowds continue their chant…12volt!…12volt!…12volt!

Bands played with:
Hatebreed, Blindside, P.O.D., Nothingface, Earth Crisis, Burnt By The Sun, Six Feet Under, Premonitions Of War, Misery Index, The Misfits, Internal Bleeding, Pro-Pain, Kid Rock, Everlast, Hole, Stuck Mojo, The Urge, Drown, Cold, Limp Bizkit, Hotwire, Die Trying, Downset, The Kick, Bobaflex, Byzantine.

Cities Played:
Nashville, TN, Jackson, MS, Louisville, KY, Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL, Pittsburg, Pa, Akron, OH, Evansville, IN, Knoxville, TN, Jackson, TN, Wichita, KS, New Orleans, LA, Le



Written By: 12v Negative Earth

I can’t believe you could tell me those lies
Looking me right in the eyes
And I wanted to believe you
That you cured your disease, but Your eyes expose your lies
You’ve done too many things
That make me think you’re lying
You can’t hide It’s all the little things
I wish I’d just stop trying
Your eyes expose your lies
I’m done with everything
I’m done with compromising
I tried
Your eyes show everything
They let me know you’re lying You’re trapped
And you’re spinning right out of control
In your disillusional revolving door So save me the story
I’ve heard it before

Sweetless Temptation

Written By: 12v Negative Earth

I tripped on the first step of 12
And spilled my drink, yeah 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8
I’m gonna drink em straight without a chase
Cause it’s a waste of my time
And I don’t need that fucking lime No mini umbrella
Just the bottle and let me pour it in my face
And keep your strawberry wine Your nutty buttery nipple
Don’t want a drink that’s so sweet
It’s sour to the taste
Grenadine is ruining my drink
My stomach aches
You’re killing me, you’re killing my
Sweetless temptation
Is bruised and abrasioned
It’s contaminationed, sweetless temptation
Yeah, drink up, na zdrowie
Yeah, salute, salute
Yeah, drink up, na zdrowie
Yeah, oogie wawa
Why would I wanna drink a drink Called doodoo pooter shooter
At least a jag and another and another, hey
And keep on dropping those bombs Cuz I’m not taking shelter
A kamikaze or just another casualty
1, 2, 3 forget those jello drinks It’s a liquor waste
Without the taste, you’re killing my


2004 Ep
Recorded May 2004 Produced by 12v Negative Earth and Mixed by Kyle Schmidt @ Quad Nashville & Belmont Studios Nashville
Due to be released Summer 2004
Solido(working title), DT(Working Title), Nobody Move, In Circles, That Side Of Me, Bother Me

Remind Me To Breathe Ep
Recorded May 2003 Produced and Mixed by Voytek Kochnek @ Atlantis Studios
Used only for bookings, label interest, promotional and online streaming.
In Circles, Nobody Move, That Side Of Me, Bother Me, 8.12, Facebreaker 2003

Babysteps Ep
Recorded October 1999 Produced and Mixed by Fred Coury Engineered by Voytech Kochnek @ Atlantis Studios
Released Feb. 2000
Babysteps, Where Did All the Sunshine Go?, Bother Me, Sunburned Dirt, Cancelled

Where Did All the Sunshine Go?
Recorded Feb. 1999 Produced and Mixed by Kenny Hastings @ Progressive Studios
Released April 1999
Where Did All the Sunshine Go?, End of Nothing, One More Time, A Perfect World, Malagania, Wake Up (another Day Gone), Sunburned Dirt, L.C.D., Degrading and Hating, Big Hands to Small Mouth, Shout (LIVE)

The single 'Where Did All The Sunshine Go?' was featured on the 2000 Devsoulang Records compilation and on the 2001 Southeast Exports 2 compilation as well as featured on Nashville's largest rock station 102.9 The Buzz and TSU's largest college station.

Set List

We usually run a 25-50 minute set depending on whether or not we are headlining. We tend to stick to about 7 songs on an opening gig that gives us about 25-30 minutes and about 10 songs on a headlining gig at about 45-50 minutes. We usually try to stick to our own songs for opening gigs and sometimes a cover for headlining.