An Orchestra of Fools
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An Orchestra of Fools

McAllen, Texas, United States | SELF

McAllen, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock Jazz




"Interview with Warped Magazine"

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
We hail from the small crowded city known as McAllen which is located in the deep south part of Texas. There are a lot of great local bands around our town which makes it easier for anyone living here to be exposed to several different genres.

We started out in our own separate worlds of music. Santana Rodriguez (the drummer) was a hard rocker, Danny Diaz (the bassist) was experimenting with jazz, and myself (TJ the guitarist) was listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pantera, and pretty much anything that sounded different and amusing. When we all met up in school and decided to form a group, it felt like a prophecy was just fulfilled. We became an instrumental trio with music that was a mixture of all genres we have heard growing up.

We got booked for our first show and began playing gigs every Saturday for 3 months. More exposure from online radio stations and several shows out of our city led to us create a new wave of music that isn’t really played. All this led to the present day, we are stronger than ever and our music has gone a long way. Now we have confidence, aggression, and passion towards our playing. We truly enjoy making new music and showcasing it to new audiences, plus it doesn’t hurt to get bread on the table...... - Warped Magazine


EP "Pandemic" available now contact through our email or social media site. 2 of our 5 tracks are streaming on the radio station 97.9 the city, they have been streaming since a week before EP release.



About 5 years ago in Mcallen, Texas, Tj and Danny began playing in a jazz band in high school, that lead to an attraction for improv in their rock music mind set. Then a couple years later Santana joined in the mix with experience in heavy metal rock bands playing drums. Which leads to a weird blend of styles; with influences such as BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Metallica, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Guthrie Govan, J.S. Bach, The Doors, Animals as Leaders, Queen, The Beatles, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Asking Alexandria, and we could go on forever. There is nothing but love for music in this band, passion for every note hit and every rhythm played. An Orchestra of Fools has no vocals simply music, either fast pace or slowed down with the bands emoitons rolled into each piece created for a fun memorable time.