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Angela "Ang13 (13)" Zone is a veteran in Hip-Hop. From the age of 13, when it all started for her, she has gone from break-dancer, to graffiti writer, to emcee / producer. 13 also knows her way around a pair of technique turntables so there is no aspect of Hip- Hop that she does not know. Music is her forte and where she reigns supreme. Over the years, she has received her training in the culture through practice and execution. 13 still keeps her hand in every aspect of Hip-Hop, but music is the area in which she is most creative

She's received accolades in magazines such as "The Source" being named one of the undergrounds "best kept secretes" and countless write-ups in The Chicago Tribune, ("Reigning Women in Hip- Hop", M. McCormick) "Midwest Rap Gap" Upski Wimsap, "Hip Hop for Hunger", D. Jakubiak), The Chicago Sun-Times, Caught in the Middle Magazine, Humble Quest, Route 2000, The Chicago Defender, The Reader, and Chi-Rock Magazine. She is one of the most respected icons in Mid West Hip Hop, dubbed a legend. Her music has graced such project as, The 2000 Census, Nike Mix CD, Sprite Mix Tape, Chicago Rocks, The 50 Man Cipher(Rec Center), Chicago vs. New York along with her own solo EP "Phat as Yo' Mama" which sold 7,000 in one month. Currently, 13's music is featured on the Jurassic 5 "Power in Numbers" DVD (Interscope), and her single "Oh No" is featured on Chali2na's (J5) "Fish Market Mix CD" (2004). She is 2007 Columbia College, Women and Gender fellowship recipient for the Wonda Woman Project Zero Tolerance Tour which took on the challenge to reconstruct the negative image of all women in the hip hop culture.

13 takes the direct approach in her lyrical subject matter. Growing up in the streets of Chicago, she has been able to speak the language of the streets with the intelligence of a scholar. Some of her early influences were MC's such as KRS one, Nas, Master Ace, Latifah, Rakim, and Lauren Hill. Studying these masterminds has given 13 the ability to speak to the masses. She has an East-Coast tough, innovative style though the West-Coast and over seas consumed majority of her solo EP. She nothing like the "average female mc" reciting rhymes about: designer brands, raunchy sex, and taking a man's money. Her lyrical content is more intelligent and up lifting without being preachy, with an edge. 13's play on words is so clever that she is able to reach consumers from the streets to Wall Street. She is considered to be one of the illest elements in the game

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Ang13's Mini Discography
Lock Shit Down EP Chali2na/Talib Kwali (Decon Records) 2009 “Hype 2nite”
Soundtrack B Girl (2008) "Break Free" The Illid the Odyssey 2008 release
Treologic (EV Records Cigol Recods) “ Turn It Up” 2007
Cross Town Classic (Distributed by EV Records) "Ain't Going Down" 2007
Insult to Injury EP (Verseen Publishing) 2007
Greedy Fat Pig "What's The Meaning of Life" 2007
The Wonda Woman Project “ When Momma Gets Home” 2007
Addicted - Longshot "Care Enough" 2008
City Limits (Molemen Records) "My Crew" 2006
THE PACIFICS Sunday Chicken (Molemen Records) "If You Don't Know"
2006 PSALM ONE Death of the Frequent Flyer "Prelude To A Dis" 2006
Civil War Pt 2 (Distributed by EV Records) "Put Me On" 2006
Contemporary Sound Jacking (Hobo Knife Records) "Due Process"/"Fuct Up" 2006
What If JD Produced PCP (PCP Distribution) "Opposite of You" 2006
NIKKI LYNETTE Hard Candy mix CD (Slang Music Group) "No More Trouble" 2006
Rhyme Spitters (Cherry Bomb Records) "Fame" 2005
CHALI 2NA'S Fish Market CD (Interscope) "Chica-go-Rilla's" "Oh No" 2005
The Balance EP (Verseen Publishing) 2005/Re-release 2006
Gothic Mixes (Gothic Soul Entertainment) "Oh No" 2004
Last Laugh Pro. (Last Laugh Distribution) "The Get Down"/ "Ha" / "Noway" 2004
The Onion (Distributed by The Onion Newspaper) "Gettdown" 2003
Chicago Census (Dupe Productions) "Spit Rounds" 2000
The Super Ones (N Motion Ent.) "The Super Ones" 2000
Sprite Mix Tape (Distributed by Sprite) "Nature of 6" 1999
Nike Mix CD (Distributed by Sony) "Coming Thru Alert" 1999
Ang13 (N-Motion Ent.) World Wide till 99 EP
50 Man Cypher (Distributed by Rec-Center) "If It Ain't Right" 1997
Planet 11 (Planet Distribution) "YO Yo yo" 1996
Talent Fest (Beat Hole Records) "No Contest" 1996
EC Illa (Ill-State Records) "Every Hood In The Ill" 1992
"Smooth But It Ain't" 1992

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Cool Baby
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