13 Day Mission

13 Day Mission


13 Day Mission are a band from the Atlanta area, playing high energy, emotional, progressive rock with a touch of spacey avant garde.


In 1996, two people met in homeroom their freshmen year of high school. Who would have thought they would share the next decade of their lives building what would become 13 Day Mission.

They shared a deeper love for music, and both knew that being a musician was the route they wanted to take in life. Steven(drummer) and Bret(various instruments) began exchanging creative ideas and playing music together.

What started out as occasional jam sessions, would grow into a tight, progressive, rhythm section that is the core of today's 13 Day Mission. Over the years they would both be exposed to new and more exciting music, growing their desire to create something new and challenging to the mind.

Working with a rotation cast of other musicians, 13DM has been allowed to continually evolve and reshape their own sound time and time again.

In 2007, after many years of playing to their friends and family, they decided it was time to hit the Atlanta scene hard and start branching out around the country. Over the past two years they have been gaining the support of local bands, fans, and other top industry musicians and professionals playing shows in the east coast and midwest.

13DM are a part of the up and coming HIJACKING MUSIC ( http://www.hijackingmusic.com ) movement.

For more information, downloads, and news regarding 13 Day Mission, please visit http://www.13DayMission.com


13 Day Mission has completed two independently recorded and produced releases.

The first titled "Ex incendia Libertas", released in 2007, recorded, mixed and mastered with the help of producer/engineer Keith Freund.

The second, 'Ozone Lair Restoration", released in 2008, which is a compliation of mostly live improv jams recorded at their home studio the Ozone Lair over the year.

They are currently writing their next album.

Set List

Typical sets are 35-45 minutes. We have well over 2 hours of music.