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"13 dead Reunion"

13 Dead Reunion
7/24/07 by Brice Hancock

When I moved to Denver about 10 years ago I went to my very first Denver show at 1082. The bands playing were Psychoholiday and 13 Dead. There was a large crowd and there was some moshing going on and of course a lot of girls and this was a weeknight. Little did I know that years ago, I would be friends with a bunch of the guys in those bands. Dave Long, Dan Miller, Todd Schlafer, Chris Dillinger and I'm sure there were some other guys in those bands that I don't realize. Anyway, shortly after that, 13 Dead was in need of a bass player and I offered to fill in until they could find one and Dave Long said something like "thanks but I don't think we'll have too hard of a time finding a bass player". Oops. As far as I can tell, Dan Miller joined Rocket Ajax and the other members either moved away or joined other bands. Now years later, I still talk to Dave Long on a regular basis and he approached me with the idea of a 13 Dead Reunion at The Cricket. I found the idea to be a no brainer plus having Dan Miller come back to town is always fun. Dan keeps callimg me "Bob" in this interview because my email address is bobgnarly and Dan is a funny guy.

1. Who is in 13 Dead?

Dan Miller – vocals, lyrics

Lou Mars – drums

Scott Waknin – bass

Dave Long – guitar

2. When was your "hey day"? What clubs did you guys play?

Dave Long - The band started fast in August 1995, but really got great during 1996 and 1997. We played the Ogden Theatre, The Wreck Room at 1082, Alibis, The Dark Room, Lion’s Lair, and of course our home and favorite dive – the Cricket.

Lou Mars - Don't forget that two story rock club, what was it called? Hot Rocks or something like that. However, 1082, Cricket and the Ogden in my opinion were the best locations we ever played based on performance/crowd response. What I like about the Cricket is that the crowd is right in your face, no place to hide. When you get a crowd rockin there, you can feel it. It motivates me to look you right in the eye and put on a show you'll never forget.

Dan Miller - Our hey day was getting into big clubs like Alibi's and 1082! Then we played at the Ogden for Sunday School, my sister Sally's idea as a night for local bands at the Ogden way back, and run by Matt Myers, and we played real good. As for other clubs I'd say like the Dark Room, a few at Alibi's, some at 1082 WreckRoom, Ogden, and that's all I can remember, Bob.

3. What do you all do now?

Dave Long - I’m a PC Technician and support 500 users at a non-profit in Boulder County.

Lou Mars - I own a web design and hosting company in Northern California called SmartWebSales.com

Dan Miller - I live in St Louis and just graduated with my assoc. degree in automotive tech., and work in a shop that's right by the Arch downtown STL. I see my son, like, 4 times a week. That rocks. I play alot of music. I even played a song infront of my whole communications class at school, so yes, i am always thinking music. But I'll have to say, the thing I do the MOST often is carefully designing, plotting, and meticulously calculating my escape from St Louis. I'm lovin' every minute of it.

4. How is the music scene different now?

Dave Long - The DSL has changed a lot of things. A while back, I grabbed a song of an old VHS video, bumped it up to DVD, and then ran the audio out to .wav files and sent them via FTP to the other guys, it’s easier to do business via email rather than on the phone like the old days. The local music scene seems about the same – lots of cool and fun bands and a few cool places to play, most of which pay shit.

Lou Mars - I think many of the bands have become whinier with less bottom end (in my opinion). At least that is the current phase. Ironically very similar to the last time we surfaced. As a result our music was well received and considered a refreshing change. I think the success of Wolf Mother is a sign that old school fundamentals combined with a fresh approach can still be played and appreciated in today's music scene. As far as technology changes, in retrospect I wish we had access to the tools the bands have now. We were before the MP3 and My Space explosion. I believe that today's online technology tools would have helped our promotions, marketing and over-all accessibility tremendously. I am curious to see how our music will be affected by these resources this time around.

Dan Miller - St Louis has a few places for originals to play, but a fucking ton of places to play if you're a cover band. They are not too hip on the originals out here. Which sucks. But, I have played out a few times, mostly open mic nites, and your occasional classroom. Hip-hop, blues, and cover bands do the best, though. The hard music is ruled by death and punk. Hmmmm...

5. Why a reunion? I mean who thought of it and why now?

Dave Long - I thought of it. I watched the DVD New York Doll about them getting back together and it truly touched me in a Spinal Tap kind of way. So then it was like the Blues Brothers, “Elwood let’s put the band back together. I guess it surprised me a little how in to the idea everybody was, after not playing for so long and after the typical bad breakup, like any marriage. But all the cool things, feelings, and sounds that originally brought us together are still there.

Lou Mars - I personally didn't like the idea at first. I say leave the memories as is. However, with that said 13 dead is one of those bands that should have been signed and charted. As a result the act deserves one more listen.

Dan Miller - For me, it's all about seeing everyone back home that I don't get to and playing a bunch of cool old school songs. I took my vacation this week, so fuck it, hook me up! I guess Dave thought of the show. We are playing now because now is the right time, earthling.

6. Is this reunion going to turn into anything more then just a reunion?

Dave Long - We’ve discussed doing a special event, like the Whisky in L.A so who knows? I love these guys and love to play with them again sometime.

Lou Mars - Anything is possible. I'd be open for a Japan tour, my understanding is that their current scene is eating up American music such as we are producing with this act. Otherwise I can't think of a better place for our Swan Song performance than Denver CO. Don't miss it.

7. Tell me about the show.

Dave Long - It’s going to be huge. We just finished remastering our CD, and it sounds really cool. It’s being released next week to coincide with the show. We’re going to have 3 different special guests join us on stage from other bands which should be really fun.

Lou Mars - Bring your seat belt. We are not showing up to simply rest on our laurels.

Dan Miller - About the show? It will have special guest appearences from members of Denver's best bands on a few of the songs, which should rule. I am very excited to see how this all plays out! So, on top of that, we have cd's to give out as a thanks for coming out to see us thing! We recorded this cd way back and never got to put it out, so we got a few hundred printed up to give away. Plus, it's a perfect breeding ground for local bands to promote their name and to give me free stickers!

Have any of you ever heard of The DMB before now? Thoughts on it?

Dave Long - Yea, I like it and probably check it out about once a week or so. The gossip can be fun, but I like the features the best.

Lou Mars - New to me, but very cool. Anything that promotes music is a good thing. I have always been impressed with the level of talent in the Denver music scene. Now if we could just get our school systems back on board with that methodology. Arts/Music Theory = Good Thing.

Dan Miller- I have not only heard of the DMB, I am also a member. I think the DMB fucking rocks and let's people on the internet do what they really want to fucking do. Whatever the fuck they want.

13 Dead Reunion
Saturday, July 28th at The Cricket on the Hill
w/Death Valley Pom Pom Squad and Burn Sand Burn


special guest appearances by Chris Dillinger, Brice Hancock, Vitamin G, and others.

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13 dead 4 song EP
13 dead full length CD
13 dead - Red (in production)



We were sick of pink pretty bands with nice jangly guitars. We wanted music with an edge that would rock you down to your soul. Getting together in late August 1995, the group amazingly almost formed itself. Started simply by a phone call between former Love Sandwich bandmates Lou Mars and Dave Long; Monster bass player Scott Waknin joined one week later followed by singer/lyricist Dan Miller just two weeks later. Landing a weekend gig at one of Denver's busier nightclubs, before the group even had a name, things happened fast. Following a string of successful shows at The Dark Room and Chiquita's, the band vaulted to even larger more prestigious venues like Alibi's, Lion's Lair, and The Cricket on the Hill allowing us to garner an extensive mailing list and fan base. The next stop was at the Alley Recoding Studios, a state of the art 24 track digital studio. We loved hearing the new songs for the first time and got some great sounds on tape. Recorded by Mike Nile (Alice in Chains producer) and Ben Tanler the tracks were promising, but never released until now. One of the most highly regarded bands of the last decade, 13 dead reformed last year, shocking and exciting fans old and new. The band will be in Colorado in January recording a new CD for a spring release, and to play two very special shows (details in listings). 13 dead puts on show like no other, bringing together members from Colorado, California and St. Louis, to ensure the best rock musicians available take the stage when the 13 dead plays live.