13 Lines

13 Lines


A blend of pop-punk, hardcore, and hard rock, 13 Lines is likeable by people of many music tastes.


13 Lines was started in 2010 by Nik Rajagopal and now consists of Jae Hoon Choi, Ron Borisovsky, and Adam Tuttle. Our musical style can be described as a mix of punk, pop-punk, some hardcore, and classic metal. In 2012, we were signed by ATR Records, and have released our song 'All of This' on the compiliation album for the label. It was produced by Ian Cross, who is also Usher's producer and a Grammy award winner. Currently, we are working on finishing our EP 'Read Between the Lines', which is already halfway done.


'All of This'- ATR Records, on ATR Compiliation Vol. 1
'Read Between the Lines' (Still in progress)

Set List

Unknown- 13 Lines
All of This- 13 Lines
This Moment- 13 Lines
It's Alright- 13 Lines
Alone- 13 Lines
Piercing Through- 13 Lines
Since You Been Gone (Cover)
Until The Day I Die (Cover)