10 years ago Jhonny Jocker (Voc, Guit), Chrizz (Guit,Voc), Tom (Bass voc) and Mike (Drums) founded „Outbreak“. It didn’t last long and they got many gigs and also very good positionings in „Band challenges“. That attracted fans and certainly aroused public interest too.
After overcoming some difficulties with management and producer, the band now called „13 PLUXX“, found a new management. Finally they started (after 10 years waiting period) working on their 1st album. All this happened in 2010.
On Juli 29th 2011 the first studio album was born. It’s called „Round #1“ – very appropriate! They produced 15 songs, together with Sebastian Wolf and Antony K. In 6 months the band worked very hard and they were many hours in the studio.
On March 23rd 2012 the first offical single“Nichts ist unendlich“ is coming out. On April 4th 2012 the album „Round #1“ is following.
You can describe „13 PLUXX“ –music as Rock’n’Punk-music. The band’s style is based on the impulsive beats of the brothers Mike and Tom. Another important part is taken by Chrizz. He’s playing the guatar in a pop-punk-melody-style. And last but not least Jhonny. His smokey voice is very distinctive.
The original English texts have been adapted during the production of „Round #1“. The texts have become more and more German texts. „13 PLUXX-texts are very characteristic. They are about serios things, the texts are thought provoking. This also convince Andi Gasser from „SHIVER“ and he produced the song „Früher Sterben“ with „13 PLUXX“.


Album: "Round #1" (23.06.2012)
Single: "Nichts Ist Unendlich" (04.06.2012)
Single: "Hold Me" (2008)
Single: "Blue Eyes" (2008)
Sampler: "Final Day" on "the mob rules Vol II" (2007)