13 Scotland Road

13 Scotland Road


Jim Croce and The Allman Brothers meet Motown and The Funk Brothers


13 Scotland Road is the brainchild of Bill Binford. All of the music is original, written by Bill with a little help from his friends, Dave Adams, Roland Cummings, Aaron Seglin, and Brett Rogers.
Aaron Seglin’s technical training on a host of unique instruments together with Bill’s brilliant guitar styling create the folk, rock and blues sound of 13 Scotland Road.
The music is inspirational and heartfelt, telling the story of everyday life - - - sadness, love and ultimate happiness.

Sit back, listen and enjoy


Always - CD

Set List

Gina's Song
Miss U More
Try to Remember
The Weather
The Road
Drive You Insane
You Can't Say
Broken Rainbows
Kaelyn's Lullaby
I Could Really Love You
Used To Be
Don't Believe Her
Last Train
Rock Your Body

2 sets
45 minutes each

No covers