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Diverse and flavorful. Happening and meaningful. Sweet and angry. Sad, yet strong. Always. Just like you... but with a catchy melody. A soulful rock sound which travels it's way regularly from energetic style to charismatic innovation via philosophical & poetic routes (roots).

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The Great Goodbye

Written By: J.D. Desharnais

“The Great Goodbye”

If ever a time there was that all but defines you
it’s when we painted the town red then you said
your favorite color was blue

And you always want more but I’m never sure
if I should show you my love or just show you the door

Oh, tell me why
Why can’t I seem to say goodbye when I know I should
I try to say goodbye
But things are strange and you say to give it some more time

You were hard to get and have since been hard to quit
I know you’re just another one trick pony, only
It’s an awfully good trick

When all is said and done, what, with all we’ve been through
there’s nothing left to say and nothing left to do

Oh no, here we go
I think it’s finally starting to get through my head
There were signs, but I snubbed ‘em,
like how you remind me of the villain you love to hate to love to hate to love

When I reminisce, here’s what I miss:
Sun ups and sundowns
in the sand we’d laugh like drunken pirates
and pass out on the ground

It’s so hard, it’s true, but it’s long overdue
Oh, don’t you cry, you know why we’re saying goodbye
If it’s such sweet sorrow, will it be sweet tomorrow?
I don’t know
You can tell your people that Romeo was a bastard
It was nice will lasted
I ain’t gonna cry no more, no sir,
that’s what this goodbye is for

The Good Fight

Written By: J.D. Desharnais

“The Good Fight”

Lately they’ve been trying to put you out
Knives in your back and a belly full of doubt
People in their little worlds always out for their own
He who thinks he’s without sin will be the first to cast his heart in stone

But you’re still standing tall
Don’t be scared
You won’t fall
Can’t stop you, no, not at all
Someway, somehow you know
it’ll be all right
Every knight has to fight
despite his foe

A perfect world has my head in the stars
It shouldn’t be who you know it should be who you are
They call you a dreamer as if it were some kind of wound
but only somebody who has a dream can have a dream come true

And you’re still standing tall
Don’t be scared you won’t fall
Can’t stop you, no, not at all
It gets crowded and cold but you know
what begins
always ends
somewhere along the road

You’ve been going the wrong way so long
you might’ve gone so far that the time has gone
for you to see places other than the ones where you don’t belong
You could turn around today but you don’t want to anyway
You’re not giving up, you’re moving on
Amazing Grace can save you with it’s song
The strangest things will keep you going strong

You’re still standing tall
Don’t be scared
You won’t fall
Can’t stop you, no, not at all
Someway, somehow you know
You’ll endure
that’s for sure
Soon it won’t hurt no more
no, no, no…

The Great Big Wild World

Written By: J.D. Desharnais

“Great Big Wild World”

Your eyes? They sing a sad, sad song
that no one’s ever heard
I knew that melody
I understood the words

About this great, big, wild world
It’s spinning ‘round girl

There’s nothing you could say
I wouldn’t do for you
There’s no one you could name
Who loves you like I do

In this great, big, wild world
We’re spinning ‘round girl

The great, big, wild world


13th ALIBI (Album)
Small Victories (EP)

Set List

A standard 13th ALIBI set usually swallows down a quick hour or so at most NYC venues (Mercury Lounge, The Bitter End, CBGB, Knitting Factory, Kenny's Castaways, Continental, etc.). The sets always fluxuate in content. There are usually a few "staples" off the album (Chinese New Year, Blue Van, So Far, Saint Peter's guestlist), a few new tracks, and sometimes something "borrowed" & reworked to fit our groove (Like a Rolling Stone, Dirty Work, Alison). The intent of the set's versatility is to tap into various emotions and moods as it builds to a climax of funky rightousness (usually ends up with everybody dancing their asses off by the encore). Pensive curiousity at the start, celebration and redemption by the last song. Live performances have always been 13th ALIBI's strongest suit.

This is a set list of 13th ALIBI's last show at Kenny's Casyaways NYC...

1. Blue Van (13th ALIBI)
2. The Great, Big, Wild World (13th ALIBI)
3. So Far (13th ALIBI)
4. Slow Motion Road (