13th Parallel

13th Parallel


"Powerful" is the perfect word to describe their stage show and music. With heavy riffs, monstrous hooks and searing vocals, it's rock that starts on a precipitous downhill and gathers momentum as it rolls. -Lance-


What does it take to turn ordinary Rock-n-Roll into some of the best hard rock music you've ever heard? According to 13th Parallel's main man Scott Gaster, it’s something called “chaosified,” a self-explanatory concept that shows up in huge amounts during their stage shows.

“We want our shows to leave no doubt that we’re one of the best, most kick-ass rock bands there is,” says Scott, "and that we have no plans to be a ‘here today-gone tomorrow’ flavor of the week.”

Scott is eager to come clean about the band’s "rock-star" indiscretions. “In our first 2 years together we were partying too much. So we quit the dumb shit that is part of a "rock-star" image and cleaned up our act. Don’t get me wrong, we still like to have fun, but we learned from our mistakes and the music advanced."

Avoiding the lewd and crude now helps Scott focus on his lyrics, changing his focus from hatred to a new and exciting future, as portrayed in "Leave the Past Behind". The band feels the music does indeed gush forth during the practice sessions. “We feel we have found a new reason to keep rockin".

Scott and the band have come a long way since first assembling in 2001. Brothers, Scott and John had major influences from Neil Diamond all the way to Rob Zombie. "We grew up with a bunch of major styles hitting us at one time.”

Today, the inspiring chemistry between the band—Vocalist Scott Gaster, Guitarist John Gaster, Bassist Charlie Bond and Drummer Mike (Machine Gun) Scoggins—has grown into something formidable. All of the band members contribute significantly during every rehearsal, and all are in the process of coming into their own as artists in a huge way. This gives 13th Parallel an incredible mix of sound and groove.

"After a show, we can look back and say something magical happened, and in the end, we do it for ourselves and every other person that loves Rock-n-Roll."

Don't ever stop Rockin'!!!

Set List

Our set consists of all original material lasting approximately 1.5 hours.