13th Step

13th Step


Guitar driven classic rock with a heavy blues influence and powerful solos. Very much in the vein of Cream. Appealing to all ages and fans of all genres.


It's no secret that Kansas leaves a lot to be desired in the excitement department. One sure fire cure is the emergence of the band 13th Step. It is not uncommon at a 13th Step show to see any or all of the following: crowds of people grinding seductively all over each other, simulated sex acts over monitors, one handed guitar solos while chugging a whiskey drink, random making out sessions, an entire bar full of people on their feet jumping and cavorting in time with the music. Excitement indeed. There's really no telling what you'll find at a 13th Step show. One thing's for sure, you won't be bored or disappointed.


13th Step- 2003. Songs "Long Way Home" and "Nothing Ever Lasts" have both received extensive radio play in Kansas.
Recording a followup at the moment. Some demo tracks from the new album have already had airtime on radio. "Passing Phase" has by far received the most plays and also seems to be quite a hit all over myspace.

Set List

Our sets range from one hour to five depending on the gig. We typically stick with original material but to fill time or appease the crowd we do have an extensive list of covers ranging from SRV to Hendrix to Allman Bros. Band to Neil Young to The Beatles to The Rolling Stones to Cream. You name it (as long as it's in the Classic Rock vein) and we can either play it or fight our way through it.