Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

We're 13WYDE... and we play rock like this!!


Like thousands of bands, 13Wyde grew from weekly jam sessions that slowly developed into original songs. As the weeks and months passed, they suddenly realized they had a bucket full of songs that they were proud of and were encouraged, by friends, to record.

Influenced by the classic rock styles of the 70’s to the modern rock sounds of today, the band slowly shaped their sound into what ultimately became their debut release, "Social Psycho Breakdown".

Since that time the line up took a change, the bassist (Ed Khammo) leaving the group, replaced by Eric Persichini who debuted on the second CD, Broken Angel. Since then Eric had to leave due to his own commitments thereafter replaced by their current bassist, Jeff Hyde.

Terry Crawford, drummer from both CD's, has also taken a recent leave of absence from the band due to a heavy schedule (assumed to be temporary), replaced by David Barnes. Upon gaining a new drummer, David also brought in who is now the lead guitarist - Freddy Wilkes, the latest edition to the team.

This creates the current line up for the band and its member history over the past years.

It's been said, their music bridges the gap between generations, creating a sound that appeals to both the baby boomers and the young rockers of today. With the core of the band having been friends since childhood and a young powerful front man, the members of 13Wyde meld together like they've been touring for years.


2007 - Social Psycho Breakdown
2009 - Broken Angel

Set List

1. Sacrifice 2:48
2. Devil's Deuce 4:03
3. The Watcher 4:01
4. Invisible 4:52
5. Twilight Man 3:11
6. Break The Chains 4:00
7. River Deep 2:42
8. Silhouette 3:20
9. Ice Blue You 3:08
10. I Am The Dawn 3:04
11. Broken Angel 4:59
12. Sticks & Stones 4:29
13. Night Sky 3:13
14. Blocking out the Light 4:28
15. River of Time 5:17
16. Stained 3:50
17. Rescue Me 4:04
18. Still Water 4:05
19. In For Life 4:22
20. Armageddon 3:55
21. Sleep 4:28
22. Steel City 5:38