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There was a time not so long ago that every budding young producer would be digging through the HMV import section of VHS’s trying to dig up some overly obscure Kung Fu film to sample. Whilst in the current climate it’s more the norm to sample fire engines and the like, Chicago based emcee / producer 14th Century clearly sees different.

“Gung-Fu The Second Principle (Drunken Mantis Fist Boxing)” is unsurprisingly then, themed heavily around the ancient ways of the worlds next super power. In some ways, the relentless sampling and referencing to all things Gung Fu can get a little tiring and it certainly would have if it were to be released about 6 years ago, still this album catches the ear quite nicely in places. The typically off-key Chinese female vocal on “Chopstickin’ Goku” manages to penetrate right into your core, despite being a mildly painful listen and the extended Madlib-esque sample on “Serial Killer Sports” show this guy has an ear for nice production. It’s his rhymes though which don’t really come correct, often sounding too soft, they have the ability to fade into the background, smothered over by the powerful production. Still, he’s not all bad and on “Bloody Wife Beaters” a subject which clearly touches his heart strings, he comes correct.

Whether or not this album will see any kind of availability in the humble UK, remains to be seen. But if it does appear, I can’t see it taking peoples breathe away. It does however offer something a little different and for that, it’s worth a bit of low level investigation. - www.UKHH.com


2004- 14th Century "Gung Fu The First Principle (Paper Cranes)"
2006- 14th Century "Gung Fu The Second Principle (Drunken Mantis Fist Boxing)"
2009- 14th Century "Raw Fish & Sake" COMING SUMMER 2009!!!

Featured on :
2005- Red Samurai's "Revolution of the Mind Mixtape Vol. 1"
2007- Big Lo's "MindState: Freedom"
2008- Big Lo's "First Priority" hosted by DJ Epps of Shadyville/G-Unit



14th Century resides in the City of Chicago and hails from the northern suburbs. 14th Century has come by the true culture of hip hop naturally, scribing rhymes and making beats since his early childhood when doing so was not the norm. His influences include Eric B. & Rakim, KRS-ONE, Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, Wu-Tang Clan, Redman, and countless other pioneers. In 2004 14th Century dropped 'Gung-Fu The First Principle (Paper Cranes)' and followed it up in 2006 with 'Gung-Fu The Second Principle (Drunken Mantis Fist Boxing)'. In 2009, 14th Century has prepared another album entitled 'Raw Fish & Sake' and continues his assault on wack MCs and inferior artists who have infected the true-culture of hip hop with false images, misogyny, decadence, and greed. The wake-up call has arrived!!!