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Pittsburgh, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Pittsburgh, PA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Metal Hardcore




"Check out the new video by 156/Silence!"

Today, Punknews is pleased to debut the new video by 156/Silence.

On "Fake It," the band takes modern hardcore to its limit, retaining the underlying rumble of the genre, while taking the form's aggressive charge and embracing a cacophonic ethos. Speaking to Punknews about the track, the band's Jimmy Howell said, "'Fake it' is probably one of the weirdest songs we've ever written. Earlier versions of the track were originally a lot tamer in terms of guitar effects but after a while, we decided to not hold back and to make it as crazy as we could within reason. With bands like Daughters being a big influence for us, we tried our best to incorporate the noise and chaos associated with bands like that while still retaining our sound."

Undercover Scumbag is out September 14th via Innerstrength Records. You can pre-order that here and check out the video for "Fake It" below, right now! - punknews.org

"Video Premiere: 156/Silence – ‘Undercover Scumbag’"

Pennsylvania has cranked out some of the heaviest hardcore in recent years, and Pittsburgh is no exception (looking at you, Code Orange and Eternal Sleep), so it comes as little surprise that 156/Silence also deliver a beatdown on their new album, Undercover Scumbag. The Pittsburgh hardcore/metalcore outfit will drop Undercover Scumbag in September, but Decibel has a video for the title track right now.

Combining chugging riffs and breakdowns with pissed-off vocals and crushing low end, 156/Silence are a band we’ll probably be hearing more from.

“‘Undercover Scumbag’ was one of the first songs we wrote for the album, and the one we’ve been playing the longest live,” 156/Silence tell Decibel. “If you’ve seen us in the past 6 months you’ve heard this song. When the intro riff was played at practice for the first time in the Summer of 2017, the rest of the song just made sense. People seem to not only connect with the raw heaviness of this track, but also the meaning behind the song as well and we’re excited to finally release it.” - Decibel Magazine

"This is the proper way to end a hardcore show."

Over the weekend, Pittsburgh hardcore/metal act 156/Silence decided to send off their fill-in drummer in dramatic fashion. You can have a look below. (Yes, we know Kurt Cobain did something similar in 1991.) - Lambgoat.com


"Undercover Scumbag" 
Released 9/14/2018 - Recorded at Bricktop Recordings (Chicago, IL)

Released 2017 - Recorded at Bricktop Recordings (Chicago, IL)

"Spicy Boys Split" 
Released 2017 - Recorded at Cerebral Audio (Pittsburgh, PA)



   156/Silence was formed in 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA by members of various other bands. In the beginning, it was a softer brand of post-hardcore that mixed everything from hardcore to post-rock. After releasing EPs in 2015 and 2016, a series of lineup changes led to a new sound and to rebrand as a hardcore influenced metalcore band. 156/Silence then headed to Chicago to work with Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recordings on the next EP. "Karma" was released in Spring of 2017 and was supported by a lengthy tour. Followed by a split EP in the fall with New Jersey metalcore band Hot Gospel. 

    Another line up change led to what the band believes is the most powerful and determined force possible. They returned to Andy Nelson of Bricktop Recordings to unleash a new approach to modern metalcore. "Undercover Scumbag" represents the culmination of everything that is 156/Silence. Pulling from everything we've done before has led us to what we believe is our heaviest, weirdest, and most dynamic album to date.

    The goal of this band is the same now as it was when it began: to create unique music with other musicians who truly care and want to do it for the rest of their lives. 156 was formed by musicians who were the driving forces of their previous bands, and that's stayed true through every single lineup change. The band purely wants to express themselves and create something truly memorable and unique. In the current landscape of heavy music, it can be hard to stand out, but that's precisely what they plan to do.

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