15 North

15 North


Don't be fooled! This group of young rockers from Southern California brings a sound and show to the stage way beyond their years. Having been compared to a "Nirvana - Led Zeppelin" has kept them hungry to stay ahead of the pack. Ready to tour!!


Selected Headline Artist

"First Night Escondido- 2008!"

Selected Artist

Adams Ave Stret Fair 2008

Extreme Tour 2008

Extreme Tour Compitation CD - 2008
"Ladders for Jacob"

School Zone Tour Roster Band

Featured Artist

"2008 Temecula Music Festival"


Inland Empire Magazine 2008!

Inland Empire Music Awards 2007!

"..these guys are so going to be rock stars one day!" ...Vanessa Franko, Press Enterprise

"Almost a year to-the-day from our first show ever and we are playing at The Roxy! "

Starting out as a true “garage band”, this group of classmates has made a quick jump into the music scene. In the short time this band has been together they have displayed maturity and composure with their stage presence and songwriting ability that is way beyond their years, and they refuse to follow the pack.

15 North has taken their high energy rock show throughout Southern California to Las Vegas and is looking forward to a summer tour. Their musical style, having been compared to classic rock bands of the past, makes it easy for audiences of all ages to enjoy.

This foursome brings a fresh new "old style" along with their high energy show to the stage every time. From the deep luring beat of “Through the Rain” to the hard driving force of “Ladders for Jacob” you will truely be entertained. Between shows and school, the band plans to return to the studio to continue their goal of a completed cd.

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Rebel Straps

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"The Rock Image"
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Venues and Events Played:

Amnesty International, Galaxy Theatre, The Roxy, SOMA, Chain Reaction, The Epicentre, The Southern California Fair, Camp Pendleton, The Wire, The Temecula Arts Festival, French Valley Theater, Lake Alice, The Jumping Turtle, Java Jo’z, The Blvd, The Norco Fair, South Coast Winery (The Mayor’s Ball), The Blvd, Holy Fire Fest, The Vault, Angel City Cafe and The Temecula Music Festival.


Apex Rock - Ep released September 5, 2007
(Honorable Mention - Press Enterprise)

"What I'm All About"
"You Think You Got It"
"Through the Rain"
"Sly as a Cat"
"Ladders for Jacob"

Set List

15 North prefers to play their original music, but has been known to throw in a Kings of Leon song or two, even an occaisonal Rolling Stones tune. Set length can be arranged depending on what is requested by the venue.