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15 Stories

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We are a modern Rock Metal band. Our sound is a lot like Godsmack/Drowning Pool/Soil to describe it best. We put on a High energy show and have pro gear. We have been together for 2 years and will be releasing our first EP this fall.


15 Stories is a Hi Energy Rock/Metal band. We Just released our first single [Divine] with 3 bonus tracks off our upcomming EP Due out this fall. We have opened for acts such as Soil, Primer 55, Allele, and The Chaos Agent and will be Openning for Drowning Pool July 10th. Aside from our Original Project we also Play a full night of Covers at Local venues in Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. We Play approx.45 songs a night. We cover songs from Drowning Pool, Godsmack, Sevendust, Soil, Coal Chamber, Pantera, Disturbed, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Tool, Collective Soul, Buckcherry, Alice in Chains, Ugly Kid Joe, Egypt Central, Saving Able, and many others. What sets us apart from the rest is our stage presence. We put on an xplosive show. We want fans to feel like they are at a concert not just out to see another local bar band.


You can check out our songs on Reverb Nation and can purchase them on cd baby
1. Divine
2. All of This
3. This Hate
4. Let it go
more to come shortly we promise!!!
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Set List

Originals: Divine, All of This, This Hate, Let it Go, Pain, Suck It, Save Me.

Covers: Halo, Bodies, Feel like I do, Sinner, Step up, Tear Away, Black, Bad Religion, Keep Away, Whiskey Hangover, Crying like a Bitch, Saints and Sinners, Enemy, Walk, Down with the Sickness, Eat you Alive, Break Stuff, Sway, Blind, Word up, Your going Down, Im not Jesus, So Cold, White Rabbit, Sick, Sex is Good, Crazy Bitch, Gasoline, Cumbersome, Torn, Hate everything about you, When worlds collide, Turn me on Mr. Deadman, Superstar, She hates me, It ain't like that, Killing in the Name, Ten Ton Brick, Mother, Outside, Country Boy, Bother, Mudd Shovel, She, Simple.