15 Years Away

15 Years Away

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We are 15 Years Away from Cleveland, Ohio. We play a mix of hard rock and alternative. Band members are Zeke Tanner, Nick Hater, Juan Lopez and Chip Weber. We are currently recording our debut album called Six Months Dumb.


We are 15 Years Away. We are a hard rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Our influences go all over from Metallica, to Led Zeppelin to the Beatles. Our idea of a "Peace Revolution" is what we want to get across in our music, we want to see the world come to peace in our lifetime or in our children's lifetime. We'd love more than anything just for that to happen. We formed in late 2001 with the original members of Ryan Suvak on Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals, Juan Lopez on Bass and Chip Weber on drums. In early 2003 a lineup change went to Zeke Tanner on Rhythm Guitar, Chris Barr or Bass and Chip Weber on Drums and lead vocals. This lineup added Nick Hater in January 2004 through 2006 then the lineup changed again to the lineup now, and it has not changed since then. We have been playing live shows with this lineup since it changed, so around 3 or 4 years.


We are currently recording our debut album called Six Months Dumb.

Set List

1. Peace Revolution
2. Reject
3. Psychedelic Ways
4. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica cover)
5. Forever Young
6. Evershine
7. Show Me How To Live
8. Perfect Life