16 Stitches

16 Stitches


What if God and Satan decided to form a band? What would the sound of Good versus Evil be?


A group of musicians of different backgrounds unites to form an entity. An entity forged from the sounds of classical composers to modern day death metal.
Mix those with an ambitious intent to infect any and all those who witness there symphony of enigmas with there addicting and sometimes haunting melodies. This Entity is 16 Stitches. Around since early 2000, 16 Stitches has opened for Ozzfest's Magna Fi and has been featured on Waaf 107.3 and Pixy 103. And now set to release there long-awaited first full-length self-titled CD summer 2006, 16 Stitches sets out to take over the music scene and to further there ever-growing fanbase.


2002 Demo
1. Kill
2. Battlefield Dead
3. Edge (featured on Pixy 103)

(Full-length self-titled CD available summer 2006)

Set List

Angel with a Thorn
Dual Voices
Ghost God
Between Asleep and Awake
Peaceful At last
In the Tunnel
Burning in Hell
Battlefield Dead
Silent Spring