Ruddy Campbell

Ruddy Campbell


My music is representative of Reggae that is not slack or disrespectful. I make a statement with my songs that touches the listener. I present my voice, and the power that it is, to a world hungry for conscious Reggae. Music that entertains, grabs people to allow them to once again enjoy Reggae.


Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Ruddy never forgot his roots and Christian values given to him by his kind hearted grandmother. It's this foundation that gives Ruddy an authentic sound felt in his music. Ruddy Campbell attended Pembroke Hall Secondary School. His grandmother's kindness and big heart flowed through Ruddy and he was always involved in numerous charity programs. He began singing at a very young age in the church choir.

In the late 1970's Ruddy moved to Ocho Rios where he played Congo drums for the Myrna Hague Cabaret Show and the Sabrina Williams Cabaret Show. As a drummer also backed Gem Myers and Ken Booth. He began touring with several reggae bands that include Happiness Unlimited. Ruddy spent a year working with Stevie Wonder in Los Angeles. He spent a year touring Japan and includes Mexico, Cuba, Canada and the United States in his extensive resume. Ruddy had been singing, playing drums and percussion for 10 years before joining the band Acid, a popular and in demand band on the North Coast, as the lead vocalist.

Ruddy had a great passion for singing and went out on his own and for over 10 years very successfully made a name for himself on the Cabaret scene. Known as Jamaica's Own Ruddy Campbell, Ruddy was in high demand as a Cabaret artist and was regularly, and consistently, contracted by numerous well known hotels on the North Coast and Negril. Ruddy now calls Toronto his home and Ruddy recently performed at the Jamaican Canadian Association; the event celebrated the 47th year of independence in Jamaica.
February2011 brings the release of Ruddy's single, Dance With Me, written, performed, drums and percussion by Ruddy Campbell and Produced by Franklin Harrison at Jamix Studios.
Rudy recently released a cover version of Silhouette with Fab Five for Jay Douglas.
In the last 2 years Ruddy has written and produced his own original music and songs. His first recording Never Was A Woman is an original song written and produced by Franklin Harrison of JAMIX Studios. The time came to move forward for Ruddy and he wrote and recorded the original songs Dance With Me and Reggae Celebration. Recorded with ISROYAL RECORDS. The newest recordings being Talk to Me and Unconditional Love. Ruddy has also covered Cupid for his CD. These are the songs and the music of a man whose first love is the music of his roots and the promotion of the music of his people. We now present the complete CD, Unconditional Love.


Silhouette adaptation
Cupid adaptation
Dance With Me
Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

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