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Miami, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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"Booty" Single Played on Top40 Station in 2005

"Snap and Swing" Single Played on Under Ground Radio 2006

"Dear Venus" Album Released in 2009

"Love In Kr-English" Album Released in 2010

"The Under Dawgs" EP Released in 2011

"Lady Duchess" EP Released in 2012



Survivor… You hear the word; but do you know what it means? Survivor is defined as “the remainder of a group of people or things.” The word survivor perfectly sums up this Collective Movement titled Project1804 (pronounced Eighteen-O-4).

An industry, circumstance, fate, and even time itself could not stand against these tenacious young Haitian warriors. With the blood of their Haitian ancestors flowing vigorously through their veins; these young visionaries look to change the status quo of an archaic music industry business model. Only equipped with a dream, each other, and the PEOPLE! Jim Beauvais, Ludas Charles, and Mike Fleurimond look to bring about a revolution; like their Haitian forefathers did in the year 1804 when they freed themselves from slavery, and claimed their independence. But the road toward creative, mental, and absolute freedom is a road most would dare not tread; but it’s good thing these three aren’t like most people.

Since 2001 Fleurimond (Lyricist), Ludas Charles(Maestro), and JB (Vocalist) have been working together. In the beginning Fleurimond and JB were in a group called Fresh Fellas; and Ludas was their producer as well as having his own solo music career as a singer. In this way the three shared a mild level of success in the local and regional music scene. But after their hardships both personal and together, the trio seemed all but done. Fleurimond and JB would run into a cold and unforgiving industry; Ludas mean while would produce some major projects for some major artist… Just to have all the credit taken away from him. Beaten, brutalized, and left for dead… But like a Phoenix, you can’t kill the Heart Of A Champion!

Like the Spartan race that bred them, these resilient youths preserved and reemerged stronger than ever! In 2009 Fleurimond, Ludas Charles, and JB brought their talents together to form something unlike anything the entertainment world has ever seen. Thinking of the awesome feat of their ancestors, they used the year 1804; and seeing as they have set out to accomplish a revolution in music like the one their ancestors did in Haiti, they decided on the name PROJECT1804. Bringing this much talent and mixing different ego’s usually spells disaster; especially considering Fleurimond, Ludas, and JB could all be solo artist. But not the case with these three. They combined their unique talents and sound to form something new; a sound they call “Hybrid Music”. Mixing the three most popular forms of the music genres Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop Rock; Project1804’s “Hybrid Music” is an auditory evolution in music.

A brotherhood forged through war, hardship, and misery; is a brotherhood built to last. Circumstance brought them together; An industry fuels their passion for success; fate solidified their resolve; and time would only make them better. PROJECT1804 is the Resolution that will bring about the REVOLUTION! Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s with great pleasure I re-introduce you to PROJECT1804.