Colonia, New Jersey, USA

Extremely powerful song structure, alongside catchy titles and verses, packed inside lightning fast tempos with the heavy breakdowns and electrifying stage presence always excites to crowd and makes all listeners turn thier heads to watch. 1812 is sure to please the crowd as well as bring them in.


Forming in 2003 and going through many style, name, and member changes, 1812 finally set in stone the line-up style, name, and songs. Beginning to gain momentom in 2006 they began recording the tracks to their first EP N234MM, to be released fall 2007. Playing alongside some of those who they have looked up to in the New Jersey Hardcore Scene such as, The Miracle of You, No Hollywood Ending, Red Light Green Light, and Grey Lines of Perfection, as well as bands on the national stage such as Farewell To Freeway, Vanna, The Jonah Veil, and A Voice Like Rhetoric they began to rapidly gain credibility for being one of the up and coming bands in central Jersey. Altough their career is only in its beginning stages, they have been featured in the Home News Tribune, as well as being sponsed by the Knucklehead string company. They are sure to electrify the stage, and excite the crowd, no matter where they play. 1812 is also sponsed by Knucklehead strings, and Forsythe Media


N234MM EP - Winter 2007

Set List

Typical set list...All Originals, No Covers
30 mins in length
-Scuba Steve, Damn You
-Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg
-Regis Philben, You Tease
-Rastafarian Mambo
-J. Tuck
-I Don't Go To Ecudor Anymore
-Ricky, The Pirate Captain