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Provo, Utah, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Provo, Utah, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Rock Pop




"Local band plays benefit concert series, wins award"

Michael Lacopucci played 50’s and 60’s music at the senior center for his Eagle Scout project in his home state of New Hampshire. He noticed an unusual road sign outside the senior center which read, “maximum speed limit 19 miles per hour,” and took a photo of it.

“When me and my brother were growing up, my dad would always see street signs like ‘falling rocks’ or something like that and be like, that’s a good name for a band,” Lacopucci said. “I found the picture of 19 miles per hour and was like, okay that’s actually a pretty good name for a band.”

Now Michael Lacopucci plays drums/vocals for 19 Miles Per Hour, the band he formed with his brother, Danny Lacopucci (lead singer/rhythm guitarist), and lead guitarist Brady Ellsworth.

“At first it was just me and Michael, and we kind of went through people,” Ellsworth said. “Then Danny came back from his mission and that’s when Danny started playing with us, so then it was like a band, and we actually started.”

Brothers Michael and Danny Lacopucci are both students at BYU. Michael Lacopucci was recently admitted into the music program and Danny Lacopucci is an experience design and management major.

19 Miles Per Hour welcomed a new member to the band in January. Bassist Ben Iba is a senior at BYU and plans to apply to medical schools this summer.

“(It was) super easy to just jump right in and start playing with them,” Iba said. “They’ve already got an established fan base. They’re already well known and so it’s easy for them to get concerts.”

Band members said they’ve had a hard time pinning down their style to one genre, but believe their style falls somewhere between the Killers, Coldplay and U2 with a pop-punk rock vibe.

Benefit concerts

Members of 19 Miles Per Hour all met in Provo. From left to right: Ben Iba on bass, Danny Lacopucci on vocals, Michael Lacopucci on drums and Brady Ellsworth on guitar. (19 Miles Per Hour)
19 Miles Per Hour has begun using its local popularity to raise funds and awareness about a variety of charitable causes.

The series of benefit concerts are part of a movement the band calls #BeTheReason. The title is based on one of 19 Miles Per Hour’s original songs, “Reason I Live.”

“It’s kind of about promoting connection and love for everyone no matter what,” Michael Lacopucci said.

The band hopes to raise mental health awareness and a lot of its songs have to do with mental health and mental health challenges.

Over the summer, 19 Miles Per Hour performed a series of live stream benefit concerts for a variety of causes.

“COVID was, at least for me, kind of the inspiration for our live stream benefit concert series that we did over the summer,” Danny Lacopucci said.

The benefit concerts raised money for Feed America, local food banks and Cuddles for Kids. The band also did a Black Lives Matter tribute show for UNCF, an organization that funds scholarships for black students.

Just recently, 19 Miles Per Hour played an LGBTQ benefit concert in Orem which raised money for Encircle.

On April 15, the band is playing a show that benefits the Alzheimer Association.

“It’s a way that we’re helping bring people together and raise awareness for something that a lot of people are scared to talk about or it’s just too taboo to talk about,” Michael Lacopucci said.

Local Utah Music Award

From left to right, Michael Lacopucci, Brady Ellsworth and Danny Lacopucci pose with their LUMA award. Their band 19 Miles Per Hour won the award for Utah’s Favorite Overall Band. (19 Miles Per Hour)
19 Miles Per Hour was recognized for its talent in January when the band won the Local Utah Music Award for Utah’s Favorite Overall Band.

The award was based solely on votes from the public. 19 Miles Per Hour was up against big-name bands including National Parks, Backseat Lovers and Foreign Figures.

“I can speak for all of us when I say we didn’t necessarily expect it, being in that category with those bands,” Danny Lacopucci said. “It showed a lot for our fan base to be willing to take time and support us and vote.”

19 Miles Per Hour is currently working on new songs and hopes to eventually come out with a full album. Its most recent release, “Ruined Reputations,” included three new singles.

“Ultimately I think we all want to get to the point where we’re successful enough to sustain a living with our music,” Michael Lacopucci said. - The Daily Universe

"19 Miles Per Hour Drops New Track "Good Morning Rosaline""

Tell us about the genesis of your project. How did you get to where you are now?

19 Miles Per Hour started out as a pop/rock band in New Hampshire, but they didn’t gain traction until moving out to Utah. Michael and Danny went to Utah for college and upon arriving discovered there was a pretty good music scene. They found a bassist and lead guitarist about a week before Battle of the Bands at BYU in 2019 and threw together a few songs and ended up winning. Since then, they have been voted “Favorite Overall Artist in Utah” in 2021 at the Local Utah Music Awards, been invited to play at Fork Fest, named #1 Band in Utah Valley in The Daily Heralds “Best of Utah Valley Magazine 2021”, and have been recognized for a variety of other things. They do a lot to raise awareness for mental health and other social issues in order to give back to the community.

How would you describe the highs and lows of being an artist?

Being an artist is full of highs and lows. It’s a very tough business and takes a lot of work with little reward at first. One of the best highs and best rewards an artist can get is seeing how much people have been impacted by their music. It’s amazing to see how our music can bring people together and help people feel like a part of something more.

What’s a musical guilty pleasure of yours?

I think we all have our guilty pleasures, but one for me is listening to a lot of less-known pop/punk or pop/rock artists. There are so many talented musicians and bands out there that deserve so much more recognition.

What are some sources of inspiration for you?

Some of the main sources of inspiration for our music are the everyday battles of life. I personally suffer from anxiety and depression and that has given me great inspiration for songs. Love, heartbreak, hope, all contributes to the inspiration of our music.

Who is an artist that you look up to more than others today?

I would say each member has different artists they look up to. Some of those artists would be Mayday Parade, Train, Band Camino, Matchbox 20, and so many more.

Favorite activity to blow off some steam?

I’d have to say play music or go for a skateboard ride and explore.

Tell us about your latest release and how it came about.

Good Morning Rosaline was written with an early 2000s pop/punk vibe. It’s kind of about realizing your full potential and waking up to see all you can be.

What are some things you do to deal with anxiety and creative blocks?

To deal with these things I try to calm myself and take deep breaths. Sometimes I’ll say a little prayer for inspiration or call one of the other members for some help with the lyrics.

What’s the future looking like for you?

The future is looking very bright. We are going to keep working towards getting our music out there and in front of more and more people. We are dedicated to making this work and will work hard to make it happen. We truly believe our music can help people.

What inspires your visuals, videos, looks etc?

We get inspiration from everything. Friends, family, fashion, other artists we look up to, and just from our own ideas. The world is full of inspiration and we are able to find it in just about everything.

What is the most embarrassing memory and most proud moment of your career so far ?

There was a time where we started to play a song in the wrong key and had to stop and start over which was very embarrassing, but we don’t let those moments get to us. There have been so many proud moments like winning BYU Battle of the Bands in 2019 at The Wall, playing at Fork Fest, our first headlining show at Velour, being voted “Favorite Overall Artist in Utah” and so much more, but one of the most proud moments we’ve had is when we were running a mental health campaign called #BeTheReason to the tune of our love song “Reason I Live” and we had a random fan reach out and say how much our music and this song has helped her. She told us how she was in a really dark place and came across our music and it helped her feel comfort and feel less lonely. That’s one of the main goals of our music so we were so grateful for this.

What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten? To believe in yourself, never give up, and trust in God. These three things have played a huge role in my music career and have given me hope and helped me to continue to persevere when things get tough.

Where do you think the music and entertainment industry is headed after this past year? I think the music and entertainment industry is going up. There are so many ways for musicians to get their music out there and be heard and it’s going to keep growing. If you work hard, practice, and have faith in yourself you can accomplish anything in this industry. - Mundane Magazine

"NH band '19 Miles Per Hour' wins 'Favorite Band' award"

NH Lakes Region based band “19 Miles Per Hour” continues to be recognized for their songwriting and performance skills. Their latest success came when they were recognized as “Favorite Band Overall” at the Local Utah Music Artists Award ceremony held at The Rise in Orem, UT. The band shared, “We are SO excited that we WON! …it’s a huge honor! We were honored just being in the running against such renowned names like ‘The National Parks’, ‘The Backseat Lovers’, ‘Foreign Figures’, and more. We’re truly humbled to be named the winners of this award.”

Brothers Danny and Michael Iacopucci from Belmont and brother-in-arms, Brady Ellsworth from Sanbornton are the nucleus of “19 Miles Per Hour.” They are currently attending college in Provo, UT and, while there, have continued to pursue their passion of performing their energetic original songs along with their exciting takes on some classic covers.

For more information on 19 Miles Per Hour check out their website at https://www.19milesperhour.com/ and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. “19 Miles Per Hour” music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other music outlets. - Laconia Daily Sun

"AA Indie Song of the Day - 19 Miles Per Hour "Heartbreak is Easy""

The Indie Song of the Day comes from New Hampshire pop/rock band 19 Miles Per Hour. The band was formed in 2016 and they've been writing and performing ever since.

The band is made up of brothers Danny and Michael Iacopucci, Brady Ellswroth, Ethan Jenkins, and Noah Lefgren. They try to write music that people can relate to and their style bounces around from songs to song. They like to write love songs, anthems, and emotional ballads too.

Says the band, "We want our music to make a difference in the world. To help people. People need to know that all the things they are feeling and experiencing are temporary, and that they aren't alone. The world needs more people to focus on doing good, and writing and playing music is our way of contributing to that."

19 Miles Per Hour recently released a new album called Yellow Lines across all major digital retailers and streaming services. The album is doing great so far, they're even making an impact as far west as Utah. Not bad for a new band from New Hampshire.

The song we're featuring is off their new album. Check out "Heartbreak is Easy" from 19 Miles Per Hour: - Alternative Addiction

"19 Miles Per Hour band to headline Belmont Old Home Day"

BELMONT — Lakes Region-based band 19 Miles Per Hour will be the headline performers at Belmont Old Home Day, Saturday, Aug. 14.

Danny Iacopucci, lead singer and guitarist for the band, is looking forward to the show. His brother Michael Iacopucci, drummer and lead vocalist, said, “We have been having a ton of success out west and so it’s good to be back in our home town to play for our friends, family, and our community.” Belmont Old Home Day offers a variety of activities throughout the day. The band’s performance will take place around 6 p.m. on Bryant Field.

The Iacopucci brothers are graduates of Belmont High School and are currently attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Their band has a following in Utah and they have won many awards.

Their lineup for the show includes lead guitarist Brady Ellsworth from Sanbornton, and bass player Brianna Lucier, another Belmont High School alumna. The foursome has performed at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion’s Magic Hat Stage, and their original songs have been played on 104.9 FM The Hawk. They were also featured on WMUR on New Hampshire Chronicle’s Summer Songfest.

For more information on 19 Miles Per Hour, visit 19milesperhour.com, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. - Laconia Daily Sun

"Interview with 19 Miles Per Hour"

Interview with 19 Miles Per Hour
22/4/20200 Comments

19 Miles Per Hour is a pop rock band comprised of Danny Iacopucci (rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Michael Iacopucci (drums/vocals), Brady Ellsworth (lead guitar/vocals) and Noah Lefgren (bass guitar). Their latest release, "Yellow Lines" is a total banger! The band is currently part of the campaign called #BeTheReason and it is aimed at focusing on reaching out to others and doing what we can to support one another throughout this time.

You can follow 19 Miles Per Hour on Instagram & Facebook
Merch and Music are also available on their website
You can listen to their music here - WCBG

"19 Miles Per Hour Makes Logan Debut"

At this year’s Logan City Limits, 19 Miles Per Hour will bring something unique to the music scene.

Brothers Danny and Michael Iacopucci created 19 Miles Per Hour, along with Brady Ellsworth who is no longer with the band. The band strives to create music people can connect to, relate to and enjoy through a musical style inspired by a variety of musical influences.

Throughout the years, 19 Miles Per Hour has undergone several lineup changes, but the current members have remained stable for a whole year.

The band’s lineup as of now includes the Iacopucci brothers: Michael starring on the drumline and Danny specializing in vocals and guitar. Ben Iba and Thomas Wintch, more recent additions to the band, both play the guitar.

All of the band’s members are originally from different places. The Iacopucci brothers are from New Hampshire, Iba from Kansas City and Wintch from New York.

Med Rectangle Aggie Print
According to Danny, the band’s diverse background gives them an edge.

“We have a wide variety of influences, and so we have a wide array of knowledge,” Danny said.

In 2021, 19 Miles Per Hour was voted favorite overall artist in Utah at the Local Utah Music Awards. Shortly after, the band scored the label of #1 band in the Daily Herald’s Best of Utah Valley 2021 awards.

The band said their primary mission is to do good through music and to show people they aren’t alone.

19 Miles Per Hour specializes in energetic pop/rock. Some of the band’s most-played songs include “Good Morning Rosaline” and “Eighteen.”

Danny’s favorite original song to perform is “Song About Airports.” Usually, the band switches things up with a long outro during the original, oftentimes leading into songs such as “Hey Jude” at the end.

“I love a good song that ties the crowd in and lets us interact with them,” Danny said.

Michael’s favorite song to perform is “Good Morning Rosaline.” He loves to get the crowd involved as the band members pour their hearts out on stage, especially since the band sometimes includes a cover medley.

“That’s always fun because everyone knows the songs and they sing along,” Michael said.

Most of the band members grew up listening to classic and pop-rock, and many rock artists continue to inspire them in their musical careers.

However, much like the band member’s geographical diversity, their music taste is not confined to rock.

Iba grew up listening to classic rock because of his mom, but later became involved with a variety of genres. He started listening more to classical and jazz music after he played in his high school’s orchestra.

Wintch also got into jazz music later in life. When he was younger he would lock himself in his room and listen to classic punk rock for hours. As he began studying guitar in college, he became interested in jazz musicians.

He described his music taste as all over the place.

As for the band’s anticipated set for Logan City Limits, there’s no fixed plan in place.

“We just have too many great options to choose from, so it’s hard to narrow down,” Danny said.

However, 19 Miles Per Hour is excited to perform, as they’ve never played in Logan before.

“We’re stoked to make our Logan debut,” Danny said. - The Utah Statesman

"19 Miles Per Hour: "Ruined Reputation""

Passionate and unforgettable, check out “Ruined Reputation” by 19 Miles Per Hour!

The newest track from the band is catchy and you could easily hear it on the airwaves. It has a live audience background that we absolutely love! It brings us back to pre-COVID days as we remember our favorite live performances- something that makes this track unique. The band’s clean sound in their performance makes this track top-notch and a perfect addition to your playlist!

19 Miles Per Hour is a Pop/Rock band out of New Hampshire. Formed in 2016, the band consists of brothers Danny and Michael Iacopucci, and Brady Ellsworth. The socially-conscious group is proud to not only make relatable tracks, but raise awareness for causes important to them. During summer 2020, 19 Miles Per Hour hosted a concert series to raise awareness for charities such as Feed America, Cuddles for Kids, Black Lives Matter, among many others! - Gas Mask Magazine

"19 Miles Per Hour Band--8/21"

A pop-rock band out of The Lakes Region, 19 Miles Per Hour is hoping to raise awareness for those suffering from mental health issues with their song "Reason I Live."

19 Miles Per Hour "Reason I Live" - WMUR

"19 Miles Per Hour"

19 Miles Per Hour has a pop-rock sound that’s fun and breezy for a reason — their “main goal is to raise mental health awareness.” Now that’s what we call feel-good music. - Quadio


Good Morning Rosaline

Ruined Reputations

Yellow Lines



19 Miles Per Hour is an energetic pop/rock band originally from New Hampshire. Gas Mask Magazine describes their music as "Passionate and Unforgettable". Brothers Danny and Michael Iacopucci along with Brady Ellsworth formed the band in 2018. Ben Iba joined them in 2021. They currently have alternating lead guitarists, Ethan Jenkins and Thomas Wintch, as they search for a more permanent addition. The band made their first appearance in Utah at the Battle of the Bands at The Wall - BYU in 2019, which they won. They were later invited to play at Velour Battle of the Bands and were later voted Runner-Up in All-Star Battle of the Bands at The Wall in 2020. 

19 Miles Per Hour writes music that people can connect with and relate to. "Music brings people together and it is important for everyone to know they aren't alone." They write music that is passionate, catchy, driving, and even raises awareness for mental health. In 2021 the group was voted "Favorite Overall Artist in Utah" at the Local Utah Music Awards and briefly after that, they were voted "#1 Band" in the Daily Herald's "Best of Utah Valley" 2021 Magazine. They were recently accepted to AWAL Distribution (Lauv, girl in red, The Wombats, Dayglow,etc.)They are constantly performing and writing music to keep everyone entertained. "We want our music to make a difference in the world. To help people. People need to know that all the things they are feeling and experiencing are temporary, and that they aren't alone. The world needs more people to focus on doing good, and writing and playing music is our way of contributing to that." A couple examples of them living up to these statements is that in the summer of 2020 they held a variety of benefit concerts that raised money for multiple different charities. They even held their #BeTheReason Campaign that was all about raising awareness for mental health. In 2021, they helped put together an LGBTQ+ Benefit Concert in Orem where all proceeds went to Encircle (a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community) which the Daily Universe at BYU ended up publishing an article about. Later that year, they helped organize an Alzheimer's Benefit Concert where all proceeds went to the Alzheimer's Association. 

19 Miles Per Hour is an energetic and engaging band dedicated to doing good. They always bring an energetic crowd to their shows and always make sure their fans have an amazing time.

Band Members