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""Exactly what we are looking for""

“You don't know how refreshed and excited
I was upon coming across 1945’s music.
I love the song "The Dance Of The Gods.
Wow...exactly what
we are looking for at TIN Records”
- Marjorie , A & R for Tin Records

""1945 is a very promising band""

“Well crafted songs and a fresh sound... 1945 is a very promising band”
- Karen Lee, President of Evolution Promotion(Massive Attack, Porcupine Tree, Air)

""1945 has been kipping strong""

1945 has a unique name and a mainstream sound. This Bostonian band has been hitting the local music scene with force, which has led them to a great deal of recognition and air-time. It is harder for acoustic bands to break through currently, as the mainstream is dominated by “plugged-in” artists and harder edged genres. With that being the case, 1945 has still managed to get some recognition and have found their voice among the crowd.

“The Best Is Yet to Come” has a contemporary and upbeat feel. The guitar riffs and drums are reminiscent of U2 styling. This is definitely a lyrically driven band, relying on storytelling to be the firefly in the dark woods. “The Dance of the Gods” has the same styling and overall feel. Jars of Clay comes to mind when this track plays. The same foundational characteristics come into play -- emphatically driven by lyrics and emotionally full; an uplifting progression. “Sure” incorporates light piano and strong guitars. The lead singer has a smooth tonal quality to his voice that keeps the songs light and engaging. He has some of the same vocal characteristics as J.R. Richards from the band Dishwalla. “Hold Me” is a bit more energetic bringing in an electric guitar that envelops the melody and keeps the song structure strong.

1945 has been keeping strong by performing in many different events and working hard to stay in the current music discourse. They have a polished sound, with great tonality, thoughtful lyrics and crisp instrumentation.

Indie In Tune Magazine
June 18th – July 17th, 2007 - Indie In Tune Magazine

""One of the best bands I've heard in a while""

"One of the best bands I've heard in a while. 1945 is a very talented and professional sounding band. I really like their songs." - Andrew Jacob Hilton, Director of A& R, Illumina Records

""They will be very welcomed in the Music Industry""

"Very rarely I get on the phone to contact an artist but when I hear a band as good as them I just have to. They definitively need to get some exposure, they will be very welcomed in the music industry. Their sound is exceptional." - Randy Bernard , Senior Vice President of A& R , Illumina Records

""They are very professional...their sound is awesome""

"We like 1945's music. They are very professional and their sound is awesome" - Mad Science! Records

""I think this music has potential""

"I think this music has potential in Australia" - Simon Moor, Head of A&R, Sony ATV Australia

""The songs are very good""

"The songs are very good" - Eddie Fernandez, Sr VP of A&R, Universal Music Latin Publishing

""Up is the Only Way Out For 1945""

Written by Mike Parker

Saturday, 03 November 2007
The Only Way Out
by 1945
KMX Records

"Forget whatever preconceptions you might have about what the music might sound like based on the band’s name - 1945. The music has nothing whatsoever to do with the end of World War II. It’s not big band, scat, hard bop, or swing, and you can’t jitterbug or Lindy-hop to it. If there is any relation to that bygone era at all, it is in the band’s relentless optimism and infectious sense of destiny, mingled with hope and shot through with love.

On their debut, full-length project, The Only Way Out, the Boston-based three-piece creates a sound that falls somewhere between Jars of Clay and Los Lonely Boys. Swirling, hook-laden melodies engage your soul and emotions before the lyrics kick in to caress your intellect (which is a good thing, since close to half of the songs are in a language other than English). The CD kicks off with “The Dance of the Gods,” an amazing track both musically and lyrically, that sets the bar high for the rest of the album to aspire to. Spiritual, emotional, visceral, this is an engaging and encouraging song that compels a sense of joy to well up inside.
The gently rocking, acoustic ballad “Andar,” follows to good effect, then segues into what may be the best track on the album, appropriately titled, “The Best Is Yet To Come,” with its yearning, declaration of love, “Your eyes are moment/ your eyes…for life.” This is good stuff.

You don’t have to speak Spanish to understand the emotion that courses through the Latin-infused, “Crises De Amore,” and the moody and meandering pop ballad, “Vuelta Atras,” (loosely translated ‘Turn Back’) maintains a sense of longing that is impossible to miss. The band returns to its fusion of the spiritual and metaphysical on the project’s closer, “Sure,” leaving it to the listener’s discretion to determine whether the song is a yearning for the truth or The Truth."


- Buddy Hollywood

""1945: Brothers bring the Santiago Flavor""


Brothers bring the Santiago Flavor.

From Blue Cousins to 1945.

Like Aimee Mann, John Mayer and Tracy Bonham, “1945” aspires to make the list of famous Berklee alumni who have gone on to launch their music careers. The Fontaine brothers, who are studying the Music Production aspect of music at Berklee came from Chile with the sole purpose of making music in a place where it could sell. As they are from the capital of Chile, Santiago, they tell me the market and opportunities are very limited in South America. The brothers started playing music when they were six or seven, adopting the moniker The Blue Cousins.
"We didn't know it had a double meaning, " the Fontaines recall. Their current band was sentimentally named after the address of their practice space in Santiago. They say their mother, grandmother and grandfather all were involved in music, so it came naturally for them to follow suit.
1945 released their debut album, The Only Way Out in early 2006, and another band's last minute cancellation gave them the opportunity to play famed rock club CBGB's on it’s last night. They've also played with the new Alice in Chains line-up at the Locobazooka Festival along with other bands. Their music-much like the Fontaine's demeanor is soft-spoken, polite, and a bit reserved. The Fontaine'vocals are gritty and somewhat resemble a more pop - like Eddie Vedder. The trio has had recent airplay and been doing extensive touring to promote their album. Though they find their program very beneficial and educational, they laughingly tell me once they get signed, Berklee will take a place on the backburner. With talent reps giving them good feedback recently at an industry show, it probably won't be too much longer until school's out.
- Skope Magazine


The Only Way Out (LP)
Four Covers and One Instrumental Song (EP)



1945 released their debut album “ The Only Way Out” in early 2006 and began playing gigs in the Bostonian Music scene. Since then 1945 has become a frequent performer in some of Boston’s hottest live music clubs such as The Middle East, Paradise Lounge, T.T the Bears, Harpers Ferry and the Milky Way Lounge among others. They have also played at some of New York’s best rock clubs including Crash Mansion and CBGB. The impact of 1945 has translated in many opportunities such as radio, T.V appearances, major music publisings, booking agencies, artist promotion firms, music festivals, record label compilations, rock venues, private parties, press reviews etc. Although the interest in 1945 consistently expands, the band’s main concern is making great music; it’s their songwriting and their performance what they are after…

Recent Highlights:

-October 07- 1945 has been interviewed by the nationally distributed American music magazine Skope. 1945 will be coming out in the November issue.

- September 07- National T.V appearance in Santiago, Chile on major station UC TV.

- August 07 - 1945's song The Dance of the Gods is now spinning in 16 commercial radio stations in the US. The music video has been added to more than 20 music channels and over 40 internet outlets.

July 07- Regional T.V appearance- Ron Alexander Show in New York City.

- June 07 - 1945's song "The Best is Yet to Come" has been signed by Warner Chappell. The song will be released in the new sampler CD for licensing by Warner Chappell Australia.

-Allbiz Label Showcase in June 2007: 1945 has been invited to participate in this exclusive showcase where they will perform for A&R representatives from Warner Chappel, Juggernaut Management, Island Records, Koch Records, Ace Fu Records and others. The event will take place in Columbus, Ohio.

-July, 2007. Showcase and Private Music Industry Party- 1945 has been invited to participate in this exclusive showcase for A&R representatives from varios major and indy labels. After the performance there will be a industry party. The event will take place in NYC.

- April, 2007: 1945 makes it to commercial radio. The single "The Dance of The Gods" is now currently spining in 10 radio stations across the U.S and growing every week.

-Shmusicmusic Records Midem Compilation 2007: 1945 has been selected to join this exclusive Compilation CD that will be distributed to top industry executives at the Midem 2007 Music Conference in Cannes, France.

- Mad Science! Records: 1945 will be featured in the New Artist Compilation of the Canadian label which will be coming out in 2007.

- Illumina Records/Ground Control "Rockers for Life" Compilation 2007: 1945 will be part of this compilation that features uprising artists from the U.S.A.

- Performed at the 2006 Locobazooka Festival -headlined by Multi-platinum band Alice in Chains at the Tweeter Center, Mansfield.

- TIN RECORDS: 1945 will be featured in the 2007 Compilation of Unsigned artists selected by the label.

-Shmusicmusic Records SXSW Compilation 2007: 1945 has been selected by Shmusicmusic to join this Compilation CD featuring uprising unsigned artists. The CD will be distributed to industry executives at the South By South West 07' Festival in Austin, Texas.

- Live Performance on TV from MNN Studios, NYC.

-Selected for Radio Airplay at WLIX Radio 104.7 FM in NYC. Featured on the "Indie Connection" Show presented by The Inside Connection Music Magazine.

- WBBR 104.9 FM in Boston: Airplay, music interview, live performance.

- PIXY 103 "Cape Code's Rock": Selected for airplay.

- Selected for Radio Fly Airplay & audio streaming

- Selected for Boston Exploit Radio Airplay

- Selected for Moozikoo Radio Airplay

-Selected for iRadio LA Airplay

- Headlining act for the Jamspot Showcase on April 2006 in Boston.

- M.E.A.N.Y Fest participation on September 2006 in NYC.