sometimes we play loud. sometimes we play not so loud. angular rock at its finest.


We've been together for a few years. We've had the privilage of touring and playing with some great people/musicians. We're influenced by a variety of things. Musically, I'd include: Helmet, Radiohead, Fugazi, Prince, The Cure, Neurosis, Kiss, Cave In, The Jesus Lizard...I can't say what sets us apart from other acts - that's for the listener to decide.



Written By: J. Reimer

this is me falling
this is me falling
which of you will show?
which of you will show up?
i can't remember how i fell
is this all over?
or is this the same?

New Standard

Written By: J. Reimer

subtle - sing your song and you'll see
you're so cool - with those shoes and that hat
what a prince
born to lead
born to need
their approval - you're immoral
sing your song

i will save you
will you save my faith?


The Great Sleep - CDEP (coptercrash records)
Tonite We Kiss - CD (coptercrash records)

Set List

Set list varies from night to night. Number of songs depends upon the type of venue/crowd. Anywhere from 7 to 14 original songs.