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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Alternative




"1956 review"

"1956 is one of those bands that remind you of what music is missing today. It brings me back to the days when Music meant something more then just how the lead singer cut his hair or how many myspace friends a band had.

1956 has a rhythm section that can't be denied. The bass work on some of these songs is great, really exploring the possibilities of the instrument in context with modern rock without showing off or losing focus". - -Benjamin Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan)

"1956 radio review"

1956... part Helmet, part Deftones, and all rock n roll. They bring a fresh new sound to the Milwaukee music scene. A band to watch for!! - Kurt Baron, 94.1 WJJO FM

"SABOTEUR review"

"Saboteur (by 1956) is one of my favorite CDs to come out in 2007. Their live show is as good as their studio stuff. Tight sound and some of the hardest working guys I've come across in quite a while." - Adler (102.1 WLUM)

"1956 review"

All too often, too much emphasis is put on those who create music rather than the music itself. Jim Morrisson saw it and performed whole concerts with his back to the audience. Trent Reznor saw it and performed most of his last tours' shows behind a curtain. Slipknot saw it and began only going by band numbers behind masks. 1956 is an interesting paradox: similar, yet different.

Placing all the importance on the music, 1956 has been able to alienate the atypical image of the rock band whose visibility and publicity outshines the mediocrity of the music. That is not so with 1956. An assemblage of three men, all dedicated to the creation of strong rock music since 2001, 1956 enter the venue prepared for an aural, yet visceral, onslaught of sounds, pushed to the limits of conventional musicianship.

If you're looking for comparisons, you can sonically imagine David Bowie's songwriting in the vane of hard rock. What you'd expect Dave Grohl's songwriting to be after a few drinks, that's what 1956 parallels, passion meets creativity. In both visual images drawn here, you would see that there is a connection between the music and the listeners. This is no different. �We look to connect with and challenge listeners, and themselves,� says the band.

But that's all fine and dandy when you're listening to a CD recording that gets tweaked more than a supermodel's nipples. The truest test of musicianship is live. As the band puts it, �It's all about the chemistry between us, each other, and our instruments. All our parts are crucial to the collective.� After following 1956 from early on in their career, I recall the band playing at the now defunct Globe East. The music gelled so well that the listener is made to wonder where and how certain sounds are even made with a three-piece band. Regardless the source, the music prevailed and the lack of pretentiousness remained a welcome trait not often seen in music today.

Rock was young in the year 1956. Rock was raw, unpretentious, vital, brave and boundless back then. 1956 the band is very much the same. After releasing the oft-troubled sophomore effort last year on Coptercrash Records, 1956 prevailed with TONITE WE KISS. Historically, the band followed one great recording with another (referencing their debut, THE GREAT SLEEP, also on Coptercrash Records). Historically, 1956 can be said to be a great year, yet a fading memory. 1956 the band can be said to be getting brighter, with sounds as resilient as the year itself. - Mario Martin Maximum Ink

"Show review"

1956 gets better every time I see them, which is saying a lot because they were pretty awesome to begin with. At their most recent show, I was lucky enough to witness a first: the sheer force of their rock actually knocked over the cymbals of the headliner's drum kit, which was set up backstage. Seriously, there was nobody within six feet of that drum kit... - Brent Gohde, Program Director 91.7 WMSE

"1956 review"

"I can't even come close to describing this band. It's such a weird mix of sounds that seem to work together better than I could have ever imagined. I hear indie rock, creative riffing and very strong songwriting skills. The lyrics are hauntingly beautiful." - PA Press - Pennsylvania Press

"1956 in the news"

On its 2006 EP "You bring me down", 1956 strongly recalls the growling guitars, melodic vocals, and whip-smart songwriting of post-grunge titans like Queens Of The Stone Age and Foo Fighters. - The Onion

"1956 CD review"

This band's eclectic and captivating sound just grabs you from track one. influences from early 90's hardrock, to post-hardcore, to modern sludge, and even indie rock. The ep tends to jump all over that spectrum as well. songs that range from mellow, brooding, and dark, to all out aggressive and intense jams make up this record. Easy comparisons to bands here are: tool, neurosis, quicksand, and other bands of that sort of calibur. Also, being an artist myself, i'd like to think i have an appreciation for all kinds of art. I must say that the packaging alone on this record is awesome. somber, dark, and gritty, going along with the music's dark, broody theme.

Definitely a sweet record for any fan of the aforementioned bands i listed.
- Calamity Project

"1956 CD review"

1956 are extremely eclectic in their sound. Mixing noticeable influences ranging from late '90s indie rock to post-hardcore akin to Quicksand to even the metal rhythms of Black Sabbath, these kids crank out some intense jams. Once they kick in the distortion you won't be the same.

This EP offers a great change of pace in independent music, coming close enough to so many genres that fans of Hydrahead and Deep Elm alike could easily access it. - Invisible Youth

"1956 in the news"

Milwaukee's 1956 formed in 2000 when stoner rock was at its peak. The band embraced the fundamentals of the genre, but expanded their sound by implementing the type of droning emotion found in bands like Radiohead. Their debut The Great Sleep was released on Florida's Coptercrash Records and was received well regionally. Wide-open, heavy guitar washes over vocals that vary from dirge-like mantras to primal screams. Two years later their sophomore effort, Tonite We Kiss, showed an act still committed to the mission statement of their origins while evolving to the next level. The band is never afraid to mix things up. The song "Bully For You," for instance, features a Rage Against The Machine time signature and jazz chords that complement its discordant vocal lines. While stoner rock might be a bit on the downslide, this act's diversity might still lend way to bigger things. - Brian Barney, Shepherd Express


Still working on that hot first release.



For more than a decade 1956 has been writing, recording and touringconsciously evolving and honing their craft. Sometimes loud and ferocious and other times minimal and filled with melody, 1956 has always followed the beat of a different drummer.

2012 brought about a fresh reinvention of the band in the form of their record "The Cut Up" and new dramatic video for the song "Dressed Rabbits" ( view at http://youtube.com/1956theband ).

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