Rough, sincere and epic.
This band convinced, with the power of their sounds and of their performances, the audiences in the UK, in France, Germany and China.
These guys would love to show their music everywhere.


Rock, post-punk or new wave, 1984 are often labeled in these styles. One thing is sure, the band managed to digest their influences to come back with a new feverish and rough album, but pop and melodious at the same time. This combination of feelings made the sound of Influenza, produced in the UK by their friends Blood Red Shoes.
Since February 2013, the band is back on the European roads. France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, and then China, 1984 play every night their violent guitars and hypnotic rythms, led by the torn voice of the singer.
Supported by many national radio stations (Le Mouv’ and Oui Fm) in France, Noisey, Vice and MTV in Germany, 1984 are ready to spread their fever this year everywhere they’ll be.


- OPEN JAIL - Weekender Records (2008)
LP (11 songs)
Single: Cache-Cache (2008)

- TERRITORY (2010)
EP (2 songs)

- INFLUENZA - Deaf Rock Records (2013)
LP (11 songs)
Singles: Maze (March 2013)
Fulmine (October 2013)